Thursday, November 20, 2008

More Random Stuff I Think About

I know y'all are just DYING to read some more random thoughts that come out of my head. But as I've explained several times in the past, I'm pretty random.

So here goes.

1. Velveeta. Cheese that doesn't need to be refrigerated just kinda freaks me out. Same goes for Cheese Wiz and those little snack packs of breadsticks and cheese. However, on any given football Saturday, Spencer and I can make some mean queso out of Velveeta, Rotel, and chili. But then, we put the leftovers in the refrigerator. Is that necessary?

2. Target has SHORTS on sale right now. New ones. What's up with that? I'll be sure to skip those tomorrow when the high will be 41 degrees.

3. Thong underwear. My philosophy is "if you have to buy an XL thong, you shouldn't be wearing one." I'm just sayin. Plus, I can't imagine the chaffing.

4. When I get to heaven, there's a few things I'm gonna ask God about. Mosquitoes are one of them. Seriously, what's the purpose of a mosquito?

5. When my family sits down to dinner, it's a GUARANTEE that the phone will ring. You can put money on it.

6. When Reba and I become BFF's, I'm inviting you all over for a party. I will definitely serve queso at that party, but I will not put it in the refrigerator. You know, because of the whole "don't refrigerate it" thing.

7. I am a very good speller. However, the word "restaurant" gets me every time. I cannot spell that stupid word correctly the first time EVER. Annoying. My neighbor/BFF, Michelle, is nodding her head right now, because she already knows about this randomness. And she loves me anyway.

8. Laundry is my kryptonite. I can't seem to get it all done. I really would like to have a few more washing machines and someone on staff at my house to wash, dry, fold, and put away all of my laundry. Anyone know of someone who will do that and not get paid for it? Oh, that's right. I will. Ugh.

9. I want to go horseback riding soon. The last time I rode a horse was in high school and I'm not sure what makes me want to ride, but I'd like to. Anyone have a horse and good liability insurance? Ooo. I bet Reba does.

10. I don't have anything for #10, but as I've said before, I prefer things in even numbers. So I can't end on a 9. The world will stop spinning.

Thankyouverymuch. Have a good Friday.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Man, It's Hot in Here!

For those of you who have been to my house, you know that Spencer and I keep the house a tad warmer than a meat freezer. We like a cold house. We sleep better. My thermostat is set around 68 degrees 365 days a year. If I get cold, I put on socks and a long-sleeved shirt. I hardly ever EVER adjust the thermostat.

One main reason I like the house so cold is that I grew up with my dad who also likes a cold house. I woke up one winter morning and there was ice forming on the INSIDE of my bedroom window. I would have about 6 blankets on my bed and a cold room and was in pure heaven.

A few Saturdays ago, Spencer and I were sitting in the den and noticed that we were both getting a little warm. So, while we never looked at the thermostat - because we never touch it, we changed clothes into cooler stuff, took off socks, etc. But were still warm and getting hot.

We had both forgotten that Mary Emma got up before us that morning. She is at that heavenly age where she can get herself up, fix herself a bowl of cereal, turn on the TV, and chill out before the little girls get up and we all have to get up. Apparently, she got cold, because this is what we discovered.

Yes, that's the thermostat set a little higher than 95.Degrees.Farenheit.

Um, yeah. No wonder she wasn't cold anymore.

I'm thinking about putting one of those clear lockable boxes on the thermostat like they have in gyms. Maybe that'll keep "Miss Too Smart For My Own Good" from setting the place ablaze again.

Silly kid.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I'd Like To Introduce You to Reba & Kelly, My BFFs.

I cannot even tell you how forward I have been looking to this past weekend.

Because, as I have unashamedly proclaimed one or eleven times in the past, I am a huge Reba fan. Like whoa. I heart her. One day soon, she's going to realize that she and I would be really good friends and she'll call me to sing backup for her.

I may or may not have a vivid imagination.

I am also a huge Kelly Clarkson fan - and have met her in real life - and she is a PRECIOUS person.

Well, this past Friday, the 2 of them came to my hometown for the 2nd leg of the 2 Worlds 2 Voices tour. I saw the show back in February in Tupelo, MS. It was even better this time. I think they were really comfortable with each other during this leg. It was a 2 hour, intermission free, both artists stayed on stage the whole time, concert. They sang together on most songs, but on the single songs, the other sang backup. I have a feeling that Kelly pretty much looks in the mirror each day and says, "Reba McEntire is singing backup for me. Wow."

That, my friend, is what peeps in the biz-niss would call "making it big."

They also re-worked "Up to the Mountain" and it was even better than before...and I never thought that was possible. But it was church, y'all. It was originally recorded by Patty Griffin and it is a great song. Kelly rocks the house when she sings it.

Opening for Reba/Kelly was Melissa Peterman - AKA Barbra Jean from the REBA show. The mere mention of her name brought about my favorite part of the night when my friend, Annie realized that Melissa Peterman and Barbra Jean were the same person and she got so excited about seeing her FOR REAL that she almost started crying. And this was 5 minutes before curtain, people. She wasn't at her brightest moment. But I laughed until I almost peed.

Then the show. And the songs. And the lights. And REBA!!!! And KELLY! I was catching a glimpse of heaven and I was happppppyyyyyyy.

Here are a few pics from the show - If only you knew the restraint that I showed to keep from posting all of the pictures and crashing your system. You are totally welcome.

How did I get fantastic pics like this? No, I do not have a bang up camera. I had 8th row/center seats. Because I have mad good-seat-getting skillz. Don't believe me? Ask Gayle about our seats in San Antonio. Holler.

In case you were wondering/hadn't figured it out by now, this concert was fantastic and I highly recommend (repeat: HIGHLY RECOMMEND) that you go if they are coming anywhere around you. You will not be disappointed - actually, you will be so surprised that you will like it as much as you did. It's a unique concept and a fabulous night of music.

Then on Saturday, I met up with some fellow bloggers for brunch. I am still not only amazed that I have met people online and am willing to meet them places, but I am mostly astonished that they have become good friends. Like good friends.

This picture was taken by Gayle, which is why she isn't in the picture. The peeps you see are Annie (left), Sophie (left/back), Lora Lynn, and myself. We laughed our heads off and ate some fantastic homemade chips with ranch and fellowshipped like busy women rarely get the chance to do. It was awesome.

Then, Sophie casually mentioned that her sister (who works in "the industry" in Nashville) chatted with Reba a few days ago about coming to Birmingham.


Anyone else catch that?

I got a little light headed and saw a few stars and then asked her to repeat herself a few more times. Her. Sister. Had. A. Conversation. With. My. Reba.


So, all in all I had the best weekend I've had in a while. Friends, Reba/Kelly, & homemade chips with ranch. Sounds like a fist pump is in order, huh?

Oh, and to top it all off, Camille totally hit it off with Annie. As a matter of fact, I think Annie's new name should be "Annie: Baby Whisperer". It was amazing.

Come back soon, Annie. We all miss you already.

Or I'll come to Nashvegas and we can stalk Reba shop.