Friday, October 8, 2010


I thought that having all 3 kids in school would allow me to have a little more free time, but I WAS WRONG. Camille goes to school 3 days a week from 9-1 and I'm pretty sure time is sped up during those precious 4 hours so that they seem like a blur. And apparently laundry doesn't wash, fold, and put itself away, and my kids are TRUE GIRLS and love to change clothes once or eleven times a day. Not to mention the abundance of red dirt covered softball clothes that frequent my hampers... (cue banging head on wall)

So, due to sheer insanity and busyness, here are a few things (in list form. Booya.) that I think you should know about...

1. My church just released a CD of original music. It's GOOD. And in keeping with the Radical theme, ZERO church budget dollars were spent on the making of this CD. There are also chord charts, lead sheets, lyrics, etc. for each song that are available for anyone to download - they are SERIOUS about making these songs available for churches and groups to use to worship. It's all about Him - praising Him and worshipping HIM - not about making profits and keeping songs tied up in copyright restrictions that keep groups from being able to use them.

2. We have a new addition to our family - a precious little ShihTzu named Piper. She has been a JOY and the girls are absolutely in love with her. The other day, Mary Emma taught her a trick, which has cracked us all up. Here's the video.

Piper Saying Please from Robyn Davidson on Vimeo.

3. Weight loss update - I have now been working with my trainer, Beth, as well as working a LOT by myself and have lost 32 lbs. I'm pleased with those results even though the impatient me wants that number to be doubled. There are some things about losing weight (I mean losing a LOT of weight) that I wasn't either ready for or didn't realize would be such an issue. First, losing weight is EMOTIONAL. Because in order to lose weight and KEEP IT OFF, you have to face why you gained it in the first place. Hello, cry fest. But I'm working through some stuff, and I plan on reaching my goal and STAYING THERE. Second, I didn't realize how important a support system is. My husband is fantastic and is on this journey with me (stupid butt has lost 54 lbs. - and of course I'm kidding, but WHY can't girls lose weight like boys?? - he looks amazing and I'm so proud of him!). Your comments mean the WORLD to me. And even though a trainer is expensive, Beth has become a great friend and an even bigger encourager. She is helping save my life. Literally. While at the same time she is kicking my behind all over the gym twice a week. I'm in pain today from the workout yesterday. And I'm oddly loving that. :)

4. HOW BOUT THEM AUBURN TIGERS????? War Eagle! I was so glad they played La Monroe last weekend and won by 50 points. These last minute nail biters are killing me. I just really REALLY need someone to beat Alabama. South Carolina, it's your turn. Please take care of business this weekend.

5. This post by Vicki Courtney had me nodding my head and clapping my hands. PREACH, sister.

6. I got some new kicks this week. Apparently the old me could hang on to tennis shoes for ever. But the new, running, gym rat me can wreck a pair of tennis shoes. I got these.

And since the whole Facebook "I like" status has taken Breast Cancer awareness to a tasteless level, I'm glad a portion of the price of these shoes go to Breast Cancer research.

That's all. Have an awesome day. Enjoy the weather - it's GORGEOUS in Birmingham!