Thursday, March 27, 2008

O. My. Goodness.

Ok. So I walked in the kitchen this morning and this is what I saw.....

Yep, that's right. That's my 16 month old daughter standing on my kitchen table. I didn't get the wonderful opportunity to capture her hanging from the chandelier above her, but believe me, she was. HANGING. Like a monkey. Swinging.

Here's the whole story.

I walked into the kitchen and was followed by my 2 1/2 year old daughter, Tait, and by Camille, the climber. I mean, they follow me around constantly so I thought nothing of it. Then I walked back into the den to hang up a phone and walked immediately back into the kitchen. 20 seconds, max. I heard Tait saying, "Uh oh, uh oh!" and then there she was. Monkey girl. Laughing her danged head off. Proud of herself. Proudly shouting "CHEESE" as I was taking her picture. O, dear Lord.

My oldest 2 daughters were a cinch. No problem. I didn't have to use plug covers, cabinet latches, etc. I told them "no" once and they never did it again. Camille is my "reality check." What you can't see in the picture is the huge shiner she has under her left eye. That was from a spectacular crash into the leg of my neighbor's dining room chair. You also can't see the bruise on her right arm where Tait closed her arm in the oven door. Thank goodness the oven wasn't on. And if you think the injuries will deter her from the activities that got her the bruises in the first place, you've lost your mind. She ain't scared.

I was so proud of my lack of visits to the ER so far in my children's lives. Doubt that'll be the case for long.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

WFMW - The BEST Bubbles Ever


Here is my discovery for the week. I signed my children up for a gym class at Gymboree a couple of weeks ago. During our 1st session, I noticed that the bubbles they used were amazingly long lasting. So, I decided to buy some before we left. The silly things cost $6 a bottle (which included the really cool bubble blowing thingy). I thought that was insanely outrageous, but decided to buy them anyway. Girls, lemme tell you what. Those are the BEST bubbles ever. They last a lot longer than most bubbles do (I even had some that sat on my concrete driveway for a while, which made for a whole new "stomp the bubble" game). You can even catch them with your hands. The bubble blowing wand thingy is pretty cool, too. Makes about 1000 bubbles at a time. The kids loved them and it was well worth the 6 bucks I spent on them. Bonus - the bubbles are sugary, so if one happens to get eaten, it won't taste like gross soap.

It's finally spring. Get out and blow some bubbles. :)

Monday, March 24, 2008

Things I Think About

Just a few random thoughts....

1. The weather this year is seriously the weirdest thing I've ever encountered. Yesterday we were wearing sundresses and hunting eggs and today we're wearing coats and jeans and I have the heater on. This has been happening since the beginning of February.

2. The inventor of Goldfish Crackers should be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Anyone who has, or has ever had a kid under the age of 5 will back me up on this one.

3. My oldest 2 daughters will eat anything if it's covered in cheese. My youngest daughter thinks cheese comes straight from the pit of hell. Weird that they are related.

4. I bought a single-serving frozen chicken pot pie yesterday to have here for a quick weekday lunch between loads of laundry, feeding children, dishes, etc.. I got it out to cook today and it takes 70 minutes to cook. 70 MINUTES! It's 5 inches in diameter. I don't have 70 minutes to do anything! By the time the dang thing is cooked, I will have waaaaayyyy moved on from lunch to other things. What a rip off.

5. I just discovered Desitin Clear. It doesn't smell, either. Genius. Plus, I think it works better than the normal kind.

6. My middle daughter has figured out how to unwrap the Crunch Eggs that are in her Easter basket, eat the egg, and hide the wrapper. She's 2 1/2. i see serious chocolate issues in her future.

7. I've discovered the world of Blogging. I've found some pretty hilarious ones out there. Good, Christian, women writing about some normal stuff that just happens to crack me up. For example, read this one. The Queen B If it cracks you up too, please let me know. If it doesn't, I'll know I need to get out of the house more.

8. I probably need to get out of the house more regardless of your comments on #7.