Monday, October 12, 2009

This Might Not Make Much Sense To Most Of You...

I just got back from LPL Memphis last night and I need to write down (actually, type - who writes anymore) some funnies that happened over the course of the weekend. For many of you, this will look like a jumbled mess of words, but to me, they are hilarious moments that bonded my heart even more with some of the most amazing people I've ever been blessed to know. And I don't want to EVER forget them, to I'm putting them down here.

It's my blog and I can type if I want to.

And I promise to be bringing you a clear, concise, re-cap of the weekend, complete with some deep stuff that Beth threw at us, but it takes a little time to process that kind of stuff. And let me tell you, I read back over my notes this morning, and I was blown away with some NEW STUFF that I learned. Amazing.

So, here goes.

1. Mama Kim and her snacks/cooler in the car. LOVE HER.
2. YouTube videos
3. Eating 3 crackers, 1 piece of pizza, and a third of a bowl of pasta in 3 days.
4. Spending the majority of my food budget on Starbucks.
5. Being able to sleep only 10 hours over the course of the weekend thanks to Starbucks.
6. Dad
7. Noisy pasta
8. Flowers in hair
9. Gumbo for the homeless
10. Really?
11. Being worried that Fran was picking up a total stranger at the airport and then realizing that this total stranger turned out to be the biggest blessing of the weekend.
12. Bi-polar A/C in the hotel. Freezing...sweating...freezing....sweating...
13. Boots
14. Name that tune at 3:00 AM
15. Watching sweet Rachel's baby move in her tummy. Aunt Robyn LOVES YOU!
16. Pam Case's elevator adventure
17. Freezing in line Saturday morning BEFORE the sun came up
18. Excellent seats in the FedEx
20. 6 hours, 1 bed, hilarious laughter, sweet friends
21. Peepskin
22. Noisy pasta making Mary/Melinda's room smell like fish guts
23. More Starbucks
24. "DANGIT, who has a key to push the button on the elevator?"
25. The glass shower
26. FREEZING in Kim's car
27. Being very appreciative of an Aflac blanket
28. The sleepy man in the lobby when we checked in.
29. The guy with dreads at Blues Cafe.

I love all of you LPL Memphis people. LOVE. YOU.

You make my heart happy and my abs a little stronger. What a laughter work-out they got this weekend!