Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's a Must Read

I read this this morning.

And I knew I needed to write a post about it. Because it's profound. And smart. And gut-wrenching. And compassionate. And will tap you on your shoulder and make you ask yourself " What am I doing to help?"

So rather than me talking about it, I'll just send you to her. Because she says it pretty well.

Seems like BooMama had the idea first - I don't think she'll mind if I follow suit.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I walked into my kitchen this morning. In my safe house. In my safe neighborhood. With my happy little family. Living the suburbia dream.

And then I saw this.

A huge, man-eating spider. It was staring at me. Mocking me. Planning on taking over my house.

I was about to call the realtor and put it on the market.

The spider would win.

Then I looked closer.


Stupid Halloween.

Monday, November 3, 2008

It's Hard to be 2.

If Camille could blog, here's what she'd have to say about the past weekend.

"Yo Peeps. Mil here.

I've had quite a weekend.

First, my mommy and daddy made me sleep in a big girl bed. I guess they got tired of me climbing out of my baby bed and landing flat on my back on the floor. I heard them say something about a broken neck and the possibility of getting really hurt, so they took away my jungle gym baby bed and made me sleep in a bed that's no fun to climb out of. Then they put me in it at night and told me that I was not allowed to get out of it! The NERVE of them! Well I showed them.

I'm technically not out of the bed. So nah.

Then, I turned 2 on Saturday. Lots of my family came in town and I had a good time with them. They gave me lots of presents, including a baby doll and the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse from Playhouse Disney, but then they sat me in my chair and sang the strangest song to me! Something about "Happy Birthday to You". I was a little freaked out. So I just looked at them like they had 3 heads.

But then I got an ice cream cone, so all was forgiven.

My mommy is a little sad right now because she says that I'm her baby and I'm growing up. She says that all of her girls are "big girls" now and she doesn't have any more babies. So if y'all want to give her a shout in the comments section, I know she'd smile and be happy.

I saved the best part of the weekend for last. If you remember correctly, the night before my birthday was Halloween. This was my first time to get to trick-or-treat. Y'all. I got to play outside, ride the Gem Car, ring doorbells, get lots and lots of candy (so much that mommy had to carry my pumpkin bag) and go to bed late. It was awesome.

And y'all. I totally rocked Halloween.

Peace out, Y'all."

Man, I love that kid. I have NO IDEA where she gets her stubbornness from. No. Idea.

Hush, Mom.