Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Happy Birthday, Tait!

Happy 3rd birthday, love bug. I love you so much!

Monday, June 30, 2008

Weekend Madness

I'm trying to recuperate from the weekend.

We thought Tait broke her foot. She fell at a restaurant and wouldn't walk. WOULD NOT. We bribed with ice cream. No luck. This kid is tough as nails and never dwells on an injury, so we were definitely concerned. Got an x-ray, nothing broken, and she was much better Saturday. She's still limping a little, but ok.

Mary Emma's All-Star softball team played 1 game Friday night and 5 (yes, 5) games Saturday. Remember, she's 7, we live in Alabama, and it's 437 degrees here with 300 percent humidity. Hot doesn't even come close to describing Saturday. However, they won their tournament championship and it was awesome. They got a trophy as tall as they are. The 6 days a week practice for the last 8 weeks totally paid off. In the picture, my husband is on the front right and Mary Emma is right beside him.

My mother in law, father in law, brother in law, sister in law, and nephew spent the weekend at my house. I loved having them (especially my nephew because he is the cutest little boy on the planet and totally makes me laugh out loud).

Mary Emma had spend the night company last night. Spencer left today to work for 3 days in Louisiana. The girls went to bed at 11 last night and got up at 7:15 this morning. Wow.

It was fun, hot, tiring, hot, frustrating, hot, joyous, hot, and exciting all at the same time.

Maybe I'll recuperate in time for the upcoming holiday weekend where I can run myself crazy again. Maybe.

Oh yeah, listen to Beth Moore's latest video blog. Recognize anyone she's talking about? :)