Friday, February 6, 2009


I'm headed out today for the visitation and the funeral. Please say an extra prayer for my Aunt Betty and Uncle Larry as well as Michelle's husband, Sam. Today at 4:00 will be the first time they will see Michelle. I can't imagine.

People shouldn't have to bury their children. Lord, have mercy.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Need Your Prayers

Hey, my bloggy friends.

My family had an unexpected tragedy last night. My cousin, Michelle, who is 30 years old, passed away. We don't know what happened. She had been sick with the same upper respiratory junk that everyone seems to have. She was at a friend's house and laid down to take a nap. Later when the friend went to wake her up, she was gone. Understandably, her parents, Betty & Larry, (my aunt & uncle) are devastated. Betty is my dad's older sister. Also, she was married to Sam, who is also devastated. We are all in shock.

Please keep my family in your prayers. Especially Betty, Larry, Sam, and Michelle's brother, Daniel. We don't know any funeral arrangements yet, but I also ask for your prayers, as we will all be traveling to Atlanta for the funeral.

Thanks and please know how much I love and appreciate all of you.