Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Alright, Bloggy Peeps, We've Got a LOT To Cover.

Well now. Hello there! I have been absent for oh, so long. My July bloggy break sort of turned into July, August, and part of September break. Sorry. There's been a little craziness going on.

But before I get into that, I'd like to publicly shout out to my dad, brother, and friend Marcie, who have been checking Ye Olde Blog religiously for a new post, only to see the previous post on their screen for 40 days straight. Y'all rock.

Now, unless I want to make this post the longest post ever, it's gonna be in list format. Because, HELLO, have we met? I love me a list.

A few things have happened in the world and the Davidson household since I last blogged. Here's a re-cap.

1. Farrah Faucet died then TOTALLY GOT TRUMPED when MJ died. I was sad that both of them died, but extra sad that Farrah's limelight was directed to MJ. Just plain ole sad.

2. Mary Emma had a BALL at camp. The first words out of her mouth when we picked her up were "Can I go again next summer?" So Spencer and I are currently drawing straws to decided which one of us is selling a kidney to not only get her there but to pay for our trip out there because we're too chicken to send our kid 10 hours away all by herself. Right now, she's enrolled in camp and our hotel is booked. Not promising anything after that. But I WILL say, that Kanakuk was life changing for her. She grew up a little. She accepted Christ. She was baptized in the lake by the camp director, Spencer, and my dad. It was amazing. Check into Kanakuk for your kids. If it's something you can do, you will NOT be disappointed.

3. School has started and for the first time in 8 1/2 years, I have a little bit of time to myself. Mary Emma is in 3rd Grade, Tait is in PK4 (she goes M,W,F), and Camille is in Mother's Day Out on W & F. Did you catch that? I have NO KIDS on Wednesdays and Fridays. Please pause now for a moment of silent prayer, thanking Him for a blessing that I didn't even realize I was so desperate for.

4. Some good friends have recently become GREAT friends. Safe friends. Hilarious, laughing friends. The best friends I've ever had. My Wild Women. And I Praise Him for your friendship and can't wait to hang with you again soon.

5. My hard drive on my computer crashed. CRASHED. I lost everything. The Apple peeps gave me my old hard drive to take to a Data Recovery place to see if anything (PICTURES) can be recovered off of it. So, this post will be lacking in pics, because they're gone. Hopefully not forever. I can't even talk about it without tearing up and breaking out in a cold sweat.

6. Spencer and I gave Mary Emma tickets to the Taylor Swift concert for her birthday back in May. The concert was Friday night. She took a friend and had a BLAST. Taylor Swift is absolutely amazing.

7. Speaking of Taylor Swift, I know you all have heard of the debacle that occurred with Kanye West at the VMA's a couple of days ago. Y'all. I felt like a Mama Lion protecting her cub. I cannot imagine how her mom and dad felt. I've met Taylor. She hugged my daughter and talked about boots and hair and bracelets and guitars. She made her feel like a rock star. She was poised, polite, gracious, and extremely humble. She puts on a great concert. I can let my girls listen to her music with NO CONCERN about questionable lyrics or content. Her mama and daddy have raised her RIGHT and should be (and are) very proud of her. I think that of all the people Kanye could target, he chose the one person that EVERYONE would defend. Even people like Pink, Joel Madden, Beyonce, & Katy Perry, who are as musically opposite as Taylor as humanly possible, came to her defense immediately. No one condoned Kanye's actions. As Katy Perry tweeted, it was like he stepped on a kitten. I hope he apologizes to HER. Not to her via Leno. She will be fine. She has been slapped hard, but will make a rebound like the class act that she is.

8. Mary Emma broke her arm. She fell off her scooter. She has a hot pink cast. I feel like I've now been initiated into the "official parent" club. She has to cheer for a football game tonight and it's supposed to rain, so we'll see if she can cheer with her arm wrapped in a trash bag.

9. I take Mary Emma today to the Orthodontist to begin the braces process. Guess whoever doesn't sell their kidney to pay for camp will get to sell their to pay for braces. And I totally thought that once kids got out of formula and diapers they got cheaper. HA.

10. Camille hasn't passed out at MDO yet. I've warned the teacher, though. I don't think it's too far out. She's getting more comfortable at school (read: fearless), so it's only a matter of time.....

11. Tait has come out of her shell. She's the "shy one." But she found her voice. And she is LOVING school and making new friends. Last year she pretty much kept to herself and wouldn't talk to or play with many kids. Now she's becoming the social butterfly at school that she is at home. And DANG if she isn't she sweetest thing on the earth.

I think we're all caught up now. Hope to blog more often that once every 3 months. Seriously.

So check back. Mkay?

Have a great day!