Saturday, September 13, 2008

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You all know how techy savvy I am. Not.

Anyway, because of some other people being techy savvy and me being able to copy them (thanks, Lisa) I added a "Follow Me" gadget thingy to the side.

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Thank you very much and have a fab Saturday. And War Eagle.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Where Were You?

September 11, 2001

Spencer and I had been married for 4 years. We had a beautiful baby girl, named Mary Emma, and we were planning on celebrating her 4 month birthday that evening. I was a 3rd grade teacher at the local elementary school and we were having a normal day. We were in line at the restroom when another teacher came down the hall and told me that a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center. This teacher was FOREVER practical joking everyone on our hall, so I thought he was crying wolf. When his face didn't change, he looked at me and said told me to go see it on TV in the library while he stayed with my class. I sprinted to the library and found many teachers huddled around one TV, most of them crying. Then I saw the 1st Tower fall. I was terrified and wanted more than anything to be with Spencer and Mary Emma. My classroom faced the front parking lot and cars started swarming in and parents started checking out their kids, who were scared. As we all tried to go on with a normal day - for the sake of our students, we knew that there had become a new normal.

It was one of 2 days in my life that I, along with the rest of this country, will always remember where I was. The other was January 28, 1986, the day of the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster. I wasn't alive when Kennedy was assassinated and I was too young to remember Elvis.

Mary Emma hasn't asked about 9/11 yet. The other 2 are too young. Thankfully, they haven't experienced a life changing day like 9/11. By the grace and mercy of God, they will never have to.

I will never, ever forget.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Good Stuff

Read this. It's good stuff.
This guy, Jon, usually writes hilariously funny stuff. I mean stuff that will make your sides hurt and will bring about the silent, ugly laugh. You know what I'm talking about. But occasionally, he brings it all back home and gets serious. It's always a shock. You know, like when you take a sip of what you think is Coke, but the waiter accidentally put tea in your cup. Shock. I click on his site every day expecting a big laugh, but sometimes find that he has gotten serious. When that happens, he pretty much BRINGS IT. And it's awesome.

Also, it's Wednesday, so I think I'll head to Publix today. I'll be sure to tell ya about it.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Has Blogging Affected Me? Read On....

This weekend, as I was desperately trying to unblock my brain and think of something to blog about, I received an email from Queen B telling me that she was tagging me in a meme. She didn't tell me what the meme was, though. She's a sly gal. So I went out on a trusty limb and accepted the challenge. Because I am nothing if not a competitor. So here goes.

Here are the rules:

1. Write about 5 specific ways blogging has affected you, either positively or negatively.
2. link back to the person who tagged you
3. link back to this parent post
4. tag a few friends or five, or none at all
5. post these rules— or just have fun breaking them

I'm chuckling at the last rule. Because I am a rule breaker (in the most innocent way possible - nothing dangerous like driving fast or playing with knives). So we'll have to see where that might lead.

Anyway.... Ahem....

1. Relationships: I am a naturally social person. I've never been one to stay home for days. Then I quit teaching school to stay home with my oldest daughter and I started staying home more. A little adjustment was required. But I could always throw her on my hip and head out to do whatever I needed. A little more trouble, but totally possible. I lived in the same town I grew up in, so I knew everyone. I couldn't go to Target without running into my entire senior class and was never freaked about being out of the "work force". Then we moved. To Florida. Tallahassee, to be exact. I knew no one. NO ONE. I was staying home, with a 2 year old, in a strange town, and my husband traveled on average 2 nights a week. It was the most alone time of my life. I would go to Target just to hear some adult conversation. I became really involved in my church and made some super amazing friends who helped me keep my sanity. I had to grow up. A lot. I got a little more used to staying home, but was never really fond of it. Then, 4 years later, I had 2 more daughters who were 16 months apart. The logistics changed. It wasn't possible to go out anymore. I had 2 babies. I could hardly handle the grocery store. I mean, where do you put the kids? I put Camille (who was in her pumpkin seat) in the front of the buggy and put Tait (who wasn't old enough to walk along side me) in the back (where the groceries go) and Mary Emma walked beside me. Great, except I didn't have room for groceries. My cart was full of kids. I realized that going out, anywhere, was out of the question, and I became a recluse be default.

Then I discovered Bloggyville. I started the blog mainly to keep up with the cute little things that the kids did. I've never been good at keeping a Baby Book and don't even mention the word "Scrapbook" to me. I will start twitching. But people started reading. And I started reading theirs. And a friendship formed. Then another. Then another. I was able to have a semblance of a social life, even being the mom of 1 kid and 2 toddlers - when leaving the house some days is more trouble than it's worth. I've always loved Beth Moore, but when I started reading her blog, I became a part of a community that has become VERY near to my heart. I even went to San Antonio a couple of weeks ago to meet these incredible people. There were over 700 of us and it was awesome. Here's a picture of us.

So definitely relationships have been positively affected by blogging.

2. Confidence: I never thought I could write. I never liked writing. I actually hated it. I have a friend who has wanted to be a writer for as long as I have known her and it has always blown my mind. Yuck. But now, I am enjoying it. I might throw a random comma in here and there (sorry, grammar/punctuation snobs) but I am having fun. And I might venture out and say that I'm decent at it. Ok, I'll step back from that - not sure I'm there yet.

3. Laughter: You people are hilarious. I laugh EVERY DAY at blogs I read. I will almost always click on a link to another blog when I reading a post because I hope there's something funny there. I read BooMama religiously because I laugh until my sides hurt. Plus, she's a really cool person, in real life. I would've probably never met her if it hadn't been for the blog. I'm happy she's my bloggy friend and my real friend. And I can't forget Annie. I met her in San Antonio and we are the same person. I heart her. And she makes me laugh out loud. And we both love the Reba show. That's a match made in heaven. And of course Queen B. If we lived near each other, we would get nothing accomplished ever because we'd hang out with each other all the time. We are bloggy friends and I wish we lived closer.

My next goal is to get my Aunt Dot to start a blog. She's the funniest person I know FOR REAL. Her blog would be an instant hit. You would laugh until you pee. You should see my family at Thanksgiving. We all sit around the table and listen to Aunt Dot. And we laugh so hard we are exhausted when we get up. She's hysterical, y'all.

4. See, this is where I'm a rule breaker. I'm only going for 3. Technically, it's 4, because I did put a #4, but it's not a real point. Don't split hairs with me.

All in all, this blog has become one of the most awesome blessings in my life. Every time I get a comment on my blog, I get excited. I love it. I love meeting you and knowing about you. You bless me every day. Thank you.

So now, I'm tagging......
Wendy - this chick has 11 kids. Eleven. And she rocks.
Jackie Sue - met her in San Antonio - love her.
Erin - my Tallahassee friend and San Antonio side kick.
Gayle - fellow Birmingham blogger who was also in San Antonio. Need to hang out with her SOON.
Dana - she was in my sorority at Auburn and we have reconnected through the blog world. She's hysterical and awesome and an amazing Christian woman.