Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Little Bit of the Random

It's been a while.

I've been busy. Like BUSY. Life has hit hard. Weekends aren't empty. Weekdays are full of homework and various sporting practices. And ye olde blog has taken the direct hit because of it. But here's a little smidge of what's been going on. In list form. Because that's how I roll.

1. We are officially a diaper-free house. Everyone is potty trained (and by everyone, I mean Camille). She potty trained totally - and I'm including nighttime, naps, etc - in 3 days. But that's Camille. She has to set her mind to something before she will see success in it. And once she does, it's done. So we have been telling the girls for over a year that we wouldn't get a puppy or go to Disney until everyone was potty trained. Guess we should be making some pretty significant plans, huh? As of right now, Disney plans are being discussed - but the dog is on hold - we think Tait has some pretty significant allergies. 1 for 2 ain't bad though. Right?

2. Spencer and I have become very budget conscious people - which is a good thing. We have never lived on a budget - we have always just lived sensibly (for the most part) and things have just kind of worked out. However, in January, our refrigerator's compressor went out, my license plate was up for renewal, and I had to have new brakes put on my car. That will take a budget, laugh at it, mock it, give it a wedgie and a swirly, and stuff it in a locker. Needless to say, February has been the month of "hmmm, let's see what I can make out of frozen chicken breasts AGAIN." Hello, March. Welcome. Please kick February in the backside on its way out.

3. My baby brother is getting married in 16 days. I am SO EXCITED. All of the girls are in the wedding and they couldn't be more thrilled. I have my dress and shoes - so I think I'm pretty much set. I get to go to a lingerie shower for Lindsay (Adam's fiancee - my future SIL) - sidenote: Lindsay is in Broadway's 2nd National Tour of WICKED. **AWESOME!!** But because she tours, she hasn't had any wedding showers! So her lingerie shower will be on Thursday before her wedding on Saturday. And considering she's marrying my brother, I'm pretty sure my gift will be flannel and have feet in it. Just being honest.

4. My girls absolutely crack me up every single day. Last night was a night I will remember for a LONG time. Mary Emma had been studying for several days for a huge science test and came home to tell us she had made a 100 on the it. (WOOO!!) Spencer and I were so proud and let her choose dinner. Of course, she chose Japanese Habachi (all of the JaPPan made me so happy! Shout out to Mary, Kim, & Fran). Dinner was great. The kids ate like champs. However, on the way home, Camille's stubborn, strong-willed side came out like a wild beast and she would not mind. WOULD NOT. So Spencer did the old school dad thing and told her that when we got home, she would get a spanking. Oh, the wailing and gnashing of teeth. We got home and got all of the kids out of the car and I told Camille to go sit on the stairs and wait for Daddy. She did. Reluctantly. But as Tait walked past her, she put her hand on Camille's shoulder and said, "Good luck, Mil" and then walked up stairs. Absolutely cracked us up. Needless to say, the spanking Camille was supposed to receive was a little less harsh considering the fact that Spencer was doubled over laughing.

5. I have starting working out with a personal trainer. And...get this...I LOVE IT. Her name is Beth, and I'm sure she will be the topic of many discussions on this blog in the future. I worked with her last Friday and she basically took dumbbells and beat me up with them. I sent her a text on Sunday that simply said "OUCH." She is sweet and mean (in a sweet way) and is a perfect match for me. I was REALLY nervous about working with a trainer - it was SO imperative that we were a good match - I'm easily intimidated and will give up easily when I am uncomfortable. I have prayed for a long time for she and I to match well and God placed his hands on every detail of the situation. Praise Him for His faithfulness. And pray for Beth as she gets to deal with me twice a week! Bless her heart.

Now headed to watch the Olympics. I'm a bit obsessed. I've even watched Curling and googled it to figure it out. Still haven't figured it out. Only 2 years till the Summer Olympics! (And I'm pretty sure my husband just rolled his eyes.)

Nite y'all!