Saturday, June 28, 2008

My Life....In 6 Words.

I totally got tagged. Beachy Mimi tagged me. This is the post in which I was tagged.

I enjoy a friendly game of tagging. I will happily participate.

Here are the rules:

1. Write your own six word memoir.

2. Post it to your blog and link back to the person who tagged you on your post with the link that is posted above.
3. Choose 5 bloggers with links and comment on their blog inviting them to participate.

So here goes. My 6 word memoir. Funny thing is my 6 word memoir could change hourly at my house. Things are never EVER stagnant.

Right now it would be....

Kids Don't Like Having Feet X-Rayed
(we thought Tait broke her foot tonight. Long story. Another day. Blah, blah, blah)


My Kid Plays All-Star Softball. Whew!


It's Midnight I Should Be Asleep


I Wonder If There's Chocolate Nearby?

Everyday, it would be...

My Kids Seriously Crack Me Up


Prozac Seems Like A Good Option


Can I PLEASE Pee By Myself?


Sleeping Children Make Me Happy


I Wouldn't Trade This For Anything.

Yeah, that's it.

I'm tagging

Except it's midnight and I'm tired, so I'll let them know about their tagging status in the morning.

Nite, y'all.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Craving

I read a bunch of blogs every day. Most of them are funny and totally entertaining. Actually, most of anything I read is funny/entertaining. Therefore, I try to write my blog in the same fashion. I want to be funny. I want to be witty. I want to be entertaining.

But yesterday, I read a blog that has affected me to my core. It was written by Melissa Fitzpatrick, who is Beth Moore's daughter. Here's the link. She talks about having a Christian upbringing (Duh. Her mom is Beth Moore), a daily quiet time, but not having a personal, intimate relationship with God until she was older. Then taking Matthew 7:7 at it's word, she committed to immerse herself into the Word for a couple of months to see what would happen. Kinda like an ultimatum for God and Christianity.

You know what happened? The Word became her passion.

Oh, how I want that. I want the craving. I want the passion. I've never committed myself to it like she did. Sure, I've done about a million Bible Studies. I've sat through countless church services and gone to dozens of church camps. But I've never had a passion like the one she talks about. One problem is, I really don't know how to study the Word. Actually, I don't know how to study anything. I never had to study - school either came easy to me or I freaked out and failed. There was no middle ground. Now when I want to study the most important book ever written, I'm a little intimidated, because I don't know how.

In a small way, it makes me wonder if I'm supposed to have a passion like that. Does God reserve that kind of craving for certain people or is up for grabs? I want the passion, but don't have it. I want my family to have it. I can think of no better thing for our family than to inhale the Word of God. I can only imagine the joy of seeing that craving in my daughters. There are pits in my life that have such a stronghold because I don't have the Word in me to get out of them. The freedom that lies on the other side is exciting. But the journey to that freedom is scaring me to death.

So I'm going to complete a Melissa experiment. I'm going to also take Matthew 7:7 at it's word and dive in head first. I feel like I have sat back and waited for God to give me a craving without me having to work for it. I can hear Him saying, "COME GET IT, GIRL!! It's yours for the taking if you'll just try!" I pray that the desire, craving, and passion totally takes control of me like it did to Melissa.

Please pray for my diligence. Please pray for clarity. Please pray for discipline. Please pray for strength.

Oh, I want to know Him more!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Things I Learned from My 1st Slumber Party as a Mom

My daughter had her 1st slumber party last night. We originally invited one little girl over to spend the night. Then, at Mary Emma's softball game yesterday, 1 turned to 2, then 2 turned to 3. So with my three girls, plus our 3 guests, we had 6 girls ages 7 and younger at my house.

Mary Emma has had spend the night company before. But they have only come one at a time.

This was my maiden voyage into being the mom of a slumber party.

Let me tell you 10 things that I learned.

1. Little girls squeal. And they squeal more in groups.
2. The cuter the pajamas, the cooler the kid (according to the kids).
3. Popcorn makes everyone quit squealing. Temporarily.
4. Not all kids are taught manners at their houses.
5. Little girls can poot as good as the boys can. And they think it's hysterical, too.
6. After "go to sleep" has been declared my me, everyone has to use the bathroom (twice), get water, have a headache, lose their stuffed animal, find their stuffed animal, walk upstairs (thrice), turn lights on ("It's too bright!!!"), turn lights off ("it's too dark!!"), whisper, talk out loud, squeal, and then FINALLY fall asleep.
7. Regardless of when they go to sleep, they wake up at dawn. Note to self: only invite kids over who sleep late.
8. I'm more tired today than the kids are.
9. Remember to stock up on groceries. Just because they're little girls, doesn't mean they don't eat like horses.
10. Even though 3 of them weren't mine, they're still absolutely precious when they are asleep. I went downstairs last night after all was quiet and just watched them. God is amazing, isn't He?

Have a good one!!