Thursday, January 17, 2008

I've about had it.

Ok, my husband, who I love dearly, has been out of town for the past 3 days.  This isn't unusual because his job requires a lot of travel.  But for some reason, this week has been especially hard.  Could it be because Mary Emma was up all night with nightmares, which made the following day exhausting?  Could it be because it has been raining and freezing for these 3 days?  Could it be because I've already changed 4 diapers this morning and I can smell 2 kids who definitely need ANOTHER change?  Could it be because I have cleaned up toys in the den 5 million times over the past 3 days and it still looks like a hurricane hit?  Could it be because I have even more to do this week because we are hosting my husband's entire family this weekend?  Could it be because I don't feel well and seriously want to rip this sore throat out of my head?  I mean, come on, I'm sooo over having a sore throat. Could it be that I bought Mary Emma a bag of 500 mini pom poms to decorate her 101st day of school hat and Tait just spilled all 500 all over the den floor?  Could it be because I think Camille just ate one of those pom poms?  

Ok, I've vented.  I don't feel much better, as the "venting myth" states, but at least I've vented.  Now off to change diapers.....again.