Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tap Shoes, Tutus, and Travis

Ok. So I have weird dreams. Frequently. I usually remember bits and pieces of them, but not the entire thing.

Last night, however, I had a bizarre dream that I remember from start to finish. Every detail.

And I'm still laughing.

It all started with my daughter, Tait's, dance recital. Fran and I were watching our daughters dance (Fran doesn't have a daughter IRL - she has sons, but my dreams don't discriminate because of details) when we realized that we were supposed to dance with them in a mother/daughter routine. But we had a problem. We didn't have our costumes.

So we ran outside, jumped in our waiting car (which was driven by none other than Travis) and headed to the house to pick up our costumes. We laughed and sang To the King while we were driving and pulled up in Travis's driveway so Fran and I could run inside and pick up our costumes. Travis's house was the exact same house as the one where I lived in Tallahassee, and he was having a HUGE party there, but was for some reason skipping the party so he could drive us around. We went inside, put on our tutus (Fran and me - not Travis, although that would've been an EXCELLENT detail), but couldn't find our tights or tap shoes. As we frantically searched Travis's house, we quickly discovered that he put a table in front of every single door in the house, so to get in or out, we had to crawl under a table. We were annoyed with Travis, who was laughing hysterically (while wearing a sweater vest, I might add), because our tutus made table crawling a little difficult.

We decided to hang around for a minute and enjoy Travis's party (while wearing tutus) when Travis stole my iPhone and changed the language on the phone to Arabic. We got back in the car to head back to the recital (we decided that tights and tap shoes were mere details that we could live without). Fran drove, I sat in the front seat trying to fix my iPhone, but every time I tried to check the weather app, it would tell me weather in Saudi Arabia, and Travis sat in the back and sang John Denver songs.

And then I woke up.

You're welcome.