Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Great Skinny Leg Jean / Legging Debate of 2009

I was watching the Today show this morning and the fashion show of the day was all about Leggings. The "fashion expert" claimed that leggings are for everyone, regardless of how old you are or what size you are. Then several models paraded out in their leggings, which included leather leggings, denim leggings (complete with faux pockets on the front AND back - shudder), and sequined leggings.

I tend to disagree with the "leggings are for everyone" trend that is so popular right now.

And here are my reasons why.

1. The models on the Today show were probably 6'5" and weighed on average 47 pounds. How many people do you know who are that size? Me? Zero. But the leggings looked great on them. I did notice, however, that they didn't bring out a size 12 mom, who is carrying a diaper bag, a kid, and 14 pieces of Polly Pockets to show how cute leggings would be on her. I smell a conspiracy.

2. In the immortal words of my friend, Erin, "Don't wear skinny leg jeans if you aren't." Words to live by, people. Words to live by.

3. Tait, my FOUR YEAR OLD, wore leggings to school today. She looked precious. If your 4 year old looks precious in something, chances are you won't if you wear the same thing.

4. In order to wear skinny leg jeans, you must meet 2 requirements. A) Be skinny. B) Have legs. I have only met B. Therefore, I haven't met the requirements of wearing skinny leg leans. Refer back to #1. They met both requirements. Carry on, telephone pole models.

5. I watch "What Not to Wear" religiously (secretly hoping that someone will nominate me and I'll be TRANSFORMED by the powers of Stacy and Clinton - hint hint, wink wink) and they have a major issue with tapered pants. They say that when your ankles are the skinniest part of you, your BACKSIDE looks huge by comparison. Skinny leg jeans/leggings = the most tapered pant possible. And I can ASSURE YOU that I need no help making my backside look large. And that's all I gotta say about that.

6. Sequined leggings? That reflect light and draw lots of attention to your legs and butt? There's just something scarily wrong with that idea.

7. The last time I wore leggings was in the 80's. Do you remember the 80's? They were bad, people. BAD. It was ALL OF OUR ugly stages. The people who apparently are the "trend setters" today were either too young to remember the 80's or not yet born in the 80's. So I think it's our duty to mankind to show them the errors of our ways. Let's learn from our past. Not REPEAT IT!

So, in closing, I plan on strongly declining the skinny leg pant / legging trend.

What about you?

Talk amongst yourselves in the comment section.