Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The End of an Era

Ever since Tait learned to talk, she has called Mary Emma "Sissy." I loved it. It was her cute little affectionate word for her sister whom she idolized.

Then she grew up a little and started calling her "Sissy Emma." I loved that even more. It was precious. When she would say it, people would ooo and aahhhh and talk about the wonderfulness of sisters and I would smile and beam and be oh so proud.

Then about 3 days ago, Tait stopped calling her "Sissy Emma." Cold turkey. She now calls her "Mary Emma" just like the rest of us. I thought I would be happy. I thought I would think the sound of her sister's name coming out of her sweet little mouth would make me smile.

What I really wanted to do was curl up in a ball and close the windows and stop time because MY BABIES ARE GROWING UP!

Clearly, I'm handling it just fine.

And to top if all off, Mary Emma asked if she could wear deodorant. She just turned 7.

Then we were riding in the car today and I turned on an Elmo video for Tait and Camille. Guess what? They were bored.

I don't think I'm ready for this. Can they please just stay little forever? Before you know it, I'll be dealing with bras and boyfriends and lipgloss and obsessing over hair.....

Unless I can figure out that stopping time thing.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Do Not Disturb

Tonight, Mary Emma made a sign that says "Do not disturb Mary Emma" on it. She punched holes in it and plans on wearing it around her neck tomorrow. She has high hopes that her sisters will leave her alone.

Here are some major glitches with her idea.
1. Tait and Camille can't read.
2. Tait and Camille worship the ground she walks on and imitate her every move.
3. Tait and Camille (mainly Camille) makes everyone's business their business.

However, if the sign works, I'm gonna start selling them. I have a feeling that every SAHM will jump at the chance to put a sign around your neck and instantly have some alone time.

I'll make sure to wear mine during those moments when the kids absolutely have no power to leave me alone. You know, whenever I'm on the phone, or when I sit down to pee. That's when they have to tell me, show me, ask me every story, question, boo boo, that they can possibly think of. What wasn't important 10 minutes ago all of a sudden becomes life and death when I sit down to pee.

If the sign works, I'll let you know. I take check and cash.