Tuesday, May 11, 2010

9 Years Old

Dear Mary Emma,

9 years ago at 12:21 pm, my world flipped upside down when you made your dark-haired appearance into this world. You were 9 days late, so I was quite ready for you to make up your mind to come on, but the doc had to induce anyway. I guess you were content to do things at your leisure. You still are.

You had black, curly hair that was blond by the time you turned 1. You are smarter than your daddy and I put together. And we knew it from the moment you arrived. You slept well (slept through the night at 4 weeks old), ate well, and made us laugh every single day - still do.

You decided when you were 3 that you want to be a vet when you grow up. I think you'll make a mighty fine vet. But you have to get over your fear of bugs first. Because where there are animals, there are always bugs.

You play softball harder and with more passion than most kids I know. You love to get dirty on the field and throwing a strike thrills you (and your daddy) more than anything in the world. But you want your hair bow to match your uniform and you want to look cute. You look up to Jennie Finch and Taylor Swift. You have met both of these ladies and the look on your face was priceless.

You love fried catfish with a passion that cracks me the heck up. You hate green beans with an equal passion.

You have sweet, precious, friends. If I could choose your friends for you, I would've chosen the same kids. Your best friends are Raegan, Sadie, Sarah Grace, Jada, and Lindsey.

You don't like math, but are a human calculator. You are SO GOOD at it. You love science, which makes your science geek mommy very happy. You are excited that your 4th grade classroom next year will be upstairs. Apparently "upstairs" is a huge milestone for a kid at your school.

You love your little sisters so much. You are THE BEST big sister to them. People have commented to me about how motherly you are to them and you take time for them no matter what else is going on. They think you hung the moon. So do your daddy and I.

You have a heart for people that is unusual for someone your age. Your preschool teacher used to marvel at the fact that you genuinely hurt for people who were sad and were happy for people who were happy. You love Jesus with your whole heart and enjoy learning scripture. You get to go to your Route 66 party Friday night and you cannot wait!

Today, I will bring your little sisters and come eat lunch with you at school. I will bring you macaroni and cheese in a thermos and it will thrill you to no end. Your dance class and your softball team will sing happy birthday to you and you will feel like a rock star. Your daddy and I love you so much that there aren't even words to describe it.

Happy birthday, sweet girl. We are so proud to be your mommy and daddy.