Saturday, July 26, 2008

What A Week!!

We're back from our mini vacation. Got back last night about 11:00 pm. Should've gotten back around 9:00 pm, but sat perfectly still on the interstate near Clanton for almost 2 hours because of a wreck. Think the kids were cranky? You bet.

After roasting at Stone Mountain on Monday, we went to the Georgia Aquarium on Tuesday. The GA Aquarium is billed as the largest aquarium in the world. (I pretty much like stuff that holds records like that.) The aquarium was awesome. We had been told to stay away on a weekend because of the massive crowds. It was really, really crowded on a Tuesday, which makes me shudder to think that the weekend crowd would've been bigger. The exhibits are fantastic, the fish/animals are easy to see and get really close to, even with crowds, and the whole place is really cold. They don't skimp on the AC, and considering our previous day at Stone Mountain, we were thankful for that.

There was even a conversation that went like this....
As we were sitting down eating lunch, I asked dad how he liked his chicken sandwich. He said, "It's great, but the air conditioning is even better." We will all be a little traumatized from the Stone Mountain experience.

After we left Atlanta, we went to my parents' house in Union Springs, AL. My dad was the pastor at FBC Union Springs until last week when he resigned to become pastor at Glynwood Baptist in Prattville, AL. My brother and my duties were to pack dad's office. Dad, love him to death, is a pack rat. Oh, heavenly days. I packed stuff like a calendar from 1986. EVERY SINGLE calendar from every single year since 1976. Dad's kept them all. An entire filing cabinet of Seminary class notes. From 1976. They are yellow now. Every nametag that my dad has ever worn at any conference he's attended for the past 35 years. 11 boxes of magazines that Dad can't bear to part with. Like 20 different magazine subscriptions that he's been collecting for years because, according to Dad, "there might be an interesting article in there that I need to reference one day." Ooookay.

Anyway, we finished packing Thursday and decided to wait until Friday to come home. Adam, my brother from NYC, isn't in town very often, so we decided to stay an extra day to hang out with him. Before we left yesterday, Dad got out the boat and drove the girls around the pond. We fished using hotdogs and cheese because we didn't go to the store to get crickets. Didn't matter. The fish got the memo about how ridiculously hot it was at the water's surface, so they weren't interested in the hotdogs or cheese.

Now we are back in Birmingham. We slept in out own beds last night which was awesome. Today I am back in SAHM mode and will tackle laundry. Oh joy. Tomorrow, Mary Emma has her first Cheerleading practice which quite possibly is the most exciting thing to happen to her in several years.

Have a good one.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Krispy Kreme, Anyone?

BooMama posted tonight about her her husband bringing home 24 Krispy Kreme donuts.

I am not phased.


Because I don't like Krispy Kreme. At all. Yuck.

Actually, I don't like donuts or pastries of any kind. Come to think of it, I'm not a pie fan either. Prety much if a dessert doesn't center around chocolate, I'm not interested.

Please tell me I'm not the only one in the free world who doesn't almost wreck a car when they drive be the flashing "Hot Donut Now" sign. Please tell me I'm not that weird. Please tell me you will love me regardless of my lack of KK support.

Because I'm all about the love, people.

Well, love and chocolate non-pastries.

Monday, July 21, 2008


The fam and I are on a little mini summer vacation. The fam includes my hubby, my girls, my parents (Mom & PawPaw), my brother (Adam), and myself. Adam lives in NYC, so he flew in for a few days to hang out with us. We are in Atlanta. I live 2 hours from Atlanta, but never really come here unless it's just passing through by car or airplane. We got here yesterday by the ever loving grace of God because Tait, Camille, and I have all had some sort of horrible virus which gives you just enough fever to make you feel awful and makes you feel like you are gonna throw up but rarely if ever do. Which, personally, I think is worse than actually throwing up.


Today Mary Emma woke up with the same fever and stomach issues that we have all had. However, she was committed to going to the American Girl Store (she has worked for 2 weeks doing extra chores to earn it), so a little Motrin and we were off. After spending too many American dollars in the American Girl Store (PawPaw and Adam were troopers because I think they would've rather had their eyes burned than go in that store) we headed to Stone Mountain.

For those of you who aren't from around here, Stone Mountain is just that. A stone mountain. Literally. It's a MASSIVE granite mountain. They've made a theme park around it. There's a tram that you can ride to the top and see for miles. The same guy who carved Mount Rushmore (well, one of them, at least) carved a large picture of Robert E. Lee on the side of the mountain. It's a cool place and you should visit if you get the chance.

Back to the story. Ahem. Stone Mountain. We were there for almost 5 hours. We climbed a ropes course. We rode the tram. We galavanted all across the top of the mountain taking in beautiful (albeit smoggy) views of Atlanta. We laughed and played.

We also roasted. Cooked. We found out after we left that today was the hottest day of the year so far. Well, isn't that just peachy. It was 103 outside. There wasn't a cloud in the sky. We spent about 80 bucks on Powerade (which only bought a few of them because theme park people are price gougers).

However, it was a great day. It was good to hang out with Adam. He's in NY (he's an actor - google him - Adam Hose) so we don't get to see him often. Camille finally warmed up to him and now loves him.

I didn't bring my card reader, so I can't post pictures. I will as soon as we get home - which will be on Thursday. Tomorrow, we're headed to the Georgia Aquarium (which is air-conditioned, praise the Lord) and then we'll head to my parents' house for a couple of days.

So, have a great week and I'll see you all on Thursday.