Monday, September 22, 2008

It's Game Day, But Not For Me.

**First, an update on the Sunday morning church nursery drama....
Camille passed out TWICE within 5 minutes of entering the nursery. Needless to say, we made it through points 1 & 2 of the sermon before we were called out.
Try again next week.
Kudos for these teachers allowing her to pass out twice and not freaking out after the 1st time.**

Today is game day.

Now, for those of you who know me/read this blog, you would think I'm talking about my Auburn Tigers.

Who, by the way, played an awesome game Saturday against LSU, and was 1 first down and 1 good punt away from winning the dang game. And why, in such a close game, did LSU climb one notch in the polls while we dropped 5 spots? Unfair? Uh, yeah. AND, I'm really hoping the Georgia Bulldogs kick butt and take names this coming Saturday against a certain rival school who thinks they're on track to win a national championship just because they've beat 3 lesser teams....

Anyway, this is not about Auburn Game Day. This is about the PeeWee football team that Mary Emma cheers for. For them, it's game day, baby. The guys wear their jerseys to school. The cheerleaders wear their game day shirts to school. Their uniforms are modeled after the high school's uniforms. They have a practice shirt, a game day shirt, a hairbow (this is the South - hairbows are mandatory), a cheerleader uniform, a monogrammed fleece pullover, a turtleneck for cold games, monogrammed head wrap for cold games, leggins, koozie for their waterbottles, pom poms, megaphone, and a monogrammed duffle bag.

Oh yeah, they're in the 2nd Grade.

Don't underestimate the power of pee wee football in the South, my friends. It's serious business.

Here was the main problem this morning.

The game day shirt, that is worn to school on game days, was no where to be found this morning when Mary Emma started to get dressed.

I found it.

In the washing machine. Niiiiice.

So needless to say, to escape the shame and humiliation of going to school on game day wearing something other than the appropriate game day attire, I put it in the dryer. And Mary Emma was late for school. It's a trade off that we had to make. You know, to uphold her responsibilities as a cheerleader. For the "80 pound and under" football team.

And next week is homecoming. The festivities are already being planned. You know, for the 2nd graders. The older girls will be escorted during halftime by a football player. Because we don't want to promote boyfriends/girlfriends in the 2nd Grade (or for the next 20 years, in my mind), our girls will be escorted by their dads. It will be a proud moment for Spencer and a tear filled, picture taking, video taking, chill bump covering moment for me.

Here's my girl, all ready for school, in her game day shirt, smiling just as I asked her to do.

And here's her version of the same picture. She is definitely our First Born drama queen. Agree?