Friday, January 8, 2010

The Great Blizzard of 2010

2010 has arrived with a bang. Actually a very very cold bang. We are having record low temperatures down here in the South where we think that anything in the 50's is flat out Arctic.

So, of course, when we have temperatures in the SINGLE DIGITS, PEOPLE, and there's snow predicted, we tend to get all overdramatic and freak out and close schools and empty grocery stores and prepare our Last Will and Testaments and secure ourselves and our families in our warm houses and vow to not come out until the blizzard is over. You know, exactly like Ma Ingalls did it on the Prairie, minus the rogue Indians and the homemade dolls under the Christmas tree.

This week, we were told that we were expecting 2-3 inches of snow (which is equivalent to 6 feet of snow by Michigan standards) so school let out early yesterday and started late today. Most schools in the area closed completely for 2 days, but apparently our school is more concerned with academics (or the threat of having to make up said days on President's Day and MLK Day - don't MESS with a teacher and her holidays - and I can totally say that b/c I used to teach 3rd grade and would've given up my left leg in order to make sure that we got those holidays off).

So yesterday we hunkered down and prepared for the worst. Spencer is in Pasadena at the BCS Championship Game, so basically I'm a single mom who is braving the storm while protecting her little brood by making sure that hot chocolate, PB&J sandwiches, Dora the Explorer, and Polly Pockets are abundant.

And the snow came. And the wind howled. And I could barely keep the front door closed from the massive snow drifts that descended upon our home.

And now, I would like to show you the pictures I took as I braved the elements and ventured outside.

All for you, readers, all for you.

First, this is the top of the table that houses the Big Green Egg.

As you can see, the depth of the snow was frightening.

Next, this is how deep our accumulation was.

Never fear, I have put "snow shovel" on my list of things to get the next time I'm at Home Depot so that I won't ever put my family in such a dangerous position again.

The prediction for the weekend is that our wind chills will be in the negative numbers (a phenomenon that I can't even comprehend). After the CLEAR ACCURACY of the weather predictions over the last 24 hours, I'll be sure and let you know if we make it out alive.