Monday, October 20, 2008

What Up, Peeps.



I've been a little busy as of late.

Ye Olde Blog has had to sit on the sidelines and be quiet for a little while. She has not enjoyed it.

So in order to appease the blog, I'll let you know what we've been up to.

You know, because I'm sure you've all been waiting with baited breath to find out this information.

Anyhoo, without further ado, I'll present to you "What I've Been Doing, Yo."

I added the Yo just for you. Because I'm gangsta like that.


Mary Emma plays on a travel softball team and we had a tournament last weekend. While playing in the first game (she played 4 in one day), she was running onto the field and ran directly in the path of the girl who was on deck and practicing her swing. Whammo. Mary Emma was hit with a bat right across the chest and went down like a tree. Scared us to freaking death. Turned out it hit her across the front of her right arm and across her chest right below her collar bone. A little higher and her collar bone would've been a goner. A little lower and it would've hit right across her sternum and I don't want to think about what could've happened. It was a scary moment. She has an ugly bat-shaped bruise, but played in the remaining 3 games that day. She's a tough cookie. And before anyone fusses at us, we made totally and completely sure she was ok before we gave her the green light to play again. We talked with a couple of nurses (actual RNs who were also softball moms watching their kids) who checked her out and we made her sit out the rest of the game in which she was hurt. We would've been at the hospital lickety split if we had any question that she wasn't ok. We're not overly competitive sports parents who make their kids play injured. We see the big picture.

Homecoming went very well. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of it, because I was a mom in charge of wrangling dads who were escorting daughters, and a girl can only multitask in so many directions before her head explodes. But my father-in-law got some pictures and as soon as I get them from him, I'll show them to you. I know you can't wait and will mark the date on your calendar.

Tait is almost completely potty trained. Can I get an Amen? Hallelujah? Holla? Woop Woop? As soon as she masters the whole "pooping in the potty isn't the scariest thing on the entire earth" mindset, we'll be there. That deserves a blog post in itself.

Camille is still hard headed, stubborn, hilarious, and fearless. I'm pretty sure that'll ring true for a long time.

Mary Emma had a field trip to the Symphony this past week. I think she enjoyed it, because HELLO, it's a day out of school. But let's face it. Most 2nd graders are bored silly with the symphony. I, however, was a nervous wreck that day. I hate school buses. I am terrified of them. The thought of a bus wreck with my baby on board scares me a lot. So, as much as I know she loves field trips, I sure wish she could be seat belted in an airbag filled car (or mini-van, in my case) rather than a non-seat belted, no airbag, metal box.

I volunteered last night at the Steven Curtis Chapman/Michael W. Smith concert. I was working at the Compassion booth. There were a LOT of upsides to the evening. Most importantly, over 100 kids were taken out of poverty through sponsorship. Praise Him for that! I also got in the concert FREE. I also got to see a lot of the concert and it was gooood. I also got to hang out with BooMama (she was working, too) and got to meet Greek Grits when she stopped by the booth to say hey! That was cool. What up, Greek Grits, yo?

After I got home from the concert (at 11:15 pm), Mary Emma, who has been really croupy over the last couple of days, was sleeping in my bed and struggling to breathe. So I packed her up and went to the ER. She has croup and was given a steroid to help her breathe (of course, by the time we got all the way downtown to Children's Hospital, she wasn't wheezing anymore, but was still barking/coughing). We left the hospital at 4:00am and came home. Spencer stayed home this morning so she and I could sleep a little. I got in bed about 4:45 and slept till 10:30. It's nice to say I slept till 10:30, even though it really doesn't count since I went to bed at dawn. However, I'm a wee bit rested.

Lastly, I was leaving the house the other day and was telling Mary Emma goodbye (the little girls were taking naps) and she said to me, "Yo, yizzle, Bye Mommy, Yo." And then made the sideways "peace" signs with both hands.

The gangsta acorn doesn't fall far from the tree, huh?


Mocha with Linda said...

Well. I certainly don't know why any of that has kept you from blogging every 15 minutes or so.

Good heavens, girl! I don't even think I'd be coherent enough to find my computer this morning! Glad everyone is mostly alive and halfway well. Seems like your girls could at least coordinate their injuries and illnesses to make just 1 big trip to the ER. (Except, oh yeah, Bat Bonked Baby didn't have to go to the ER. YEA!)

Good luck on the rest of potty training. Wow, Homecoming and potty training in one post. That's extreme parenting!

Fran said...

"Yo, yizzle, Bye Mommy, Yo."

completely laughed out loud!!!

Tammy said...

Yo, what up bloggin' peep?!

I only thought that I was excited because I was going to the MWS/SCC concert. Little did I know I was gonna meet up with some bloggin' peeps?! That was icing on the cake. Ask me why I was nervous about visiting your table.

I think I even babbled a bit to Sophie due to she was not a regular ol' person. I told my hubby, "but she IS Boomama".

Peace out, yo!....

Melanie said...

My goodness! I can't believe she got hit with the bat. My sweet little girl that I miss so much...I am so glad she is ok!!

She makes me laugh when I see her in the hall...the other day she said, "How's that little baby in there doing?" She's hilarious...talking about my ever growing tummy!

RR Mama said...

I laughed out loud a the Yo yizzle, bye mommy, yo! That was to cute. I know exactly how you feel about the bus thing and I feel the need to tell you this. Stick with your gut feeling. We had a tragedy strick very close to home with the bus thing. By the way congrats on winning the birthday thing at Siesta Fiesta!