Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Excellence in Bloggyville

Last night, I had the privilege of spending an evening o' music with some of my favorite bloggy peeps. Because BooMama is cool like that, this fun event was held in her living room. The artist who came was Trent Monk, of Monk and Neagle fame.

Ok, let me stop right there and let you know something. Not only have I NEVER had a concert in my living room (unless you count the ever frequent Hannah Montana tuneage that comes from my 7 year old/obsessed fan), I don't know anyone who has had a concert in their living room, either. And I mean a for real concert. Guitar, amp, t-shirt/CD table, the whole works. It was quite possibly the coolest in-house event I've ever attended.

That, and the time that Santa Claus came in my front door (apartment, no chimney) on Christmas Eve when I was 2 and I saw him and because I wasn't asleep he turned around and left....trauma, I tell you. But then I went to sleep pronto and woke up to find that he came back and brought my talking baby doll. Whew.

Ok, back to the story. Can you tell I'm distracted easily?

Trent is quite possibly the best guitar player I've ever heard. At one point he played so fast that I think there was smoke coming out of his fingers. It was insane. He even played with his TEETH! (Little inside joke for those of us who were there) His songs were fun, inspiring, romantic (he loves to write love songs, I love to listen to love songs...good match), and thought provoking. His voice is amazing and he is a really funny guy, to boot. He is really humble and definitely doesn't see himself as the cool music star that we see him as. Also, his music has a great "jam quality" to it, which would make it really good workout music. Check out his MySpace and listen to several songs there.

Here's a pic of him in action. It was taken from my phone camera, so it's not great quality, but you can see him jammin.

The next picture is just for Erin. Although you are all welcome to look at it. :)

And, in case you can't see what the nametag says, here it is a little closer.

All because I love ya, girll. All because I love ya.


edub said...

I think I just peed a little. (: I hate you and everything you stand for. You know, in the way that means I love you SO MUCH.