Thursday, April 8, 2010


A couple of days ago, I received a letter from my Compassion child, Nevine, who lives in Eastern Nairobi, Kenya. He is 15 years old.

His letter was a thank you for sending him a Christmas Gift. I sent $25 through Compassion International so that he could buy Christmas items. Here is what he bought with my $25 (which translates to 857 Kenya Shillings).

2 kilos of wheat flour
4 kilos of maize flour
cooking oil
2 kilos of rice

In his letter he told me that he was praying for me. HE is praying for ME. The kid that uses his Christmas money to buy rice, flour, oil, and biscuits is praying for me.

That'll put things into perspective, huh? As I thought about the typical American 15 year old boy, I couldn't help but think of what on that list might've fallen onto their Christmas list.

Probably none of it.

It's because of Compassion International that Nevine receives an education. It's because of them that he receives medical services. It's because of them that he knows who Jesus is and that He loves him so much. It's because of them that his family is helped with basic life needs.

And it only costs me $38 a month.

So as I approach what we call "Birthday Season" in my family (8 birthdays + Mother's Day & Father's Day from May 10-July 15), I pray that I keep Nevine in my heart and perspective in my mind. Because a 15 year old blessing in Kenya taught me to do just that.

And Nevine, I am also praying for you, kiddo. I love you so much.

***If you would like to sponsor a Compassion child and release a child from poverty in Jesus' name, click here and choose one. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.***


Unknown said...

We have no idea how good we have it.

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

I'm grieving my Compassion boy. Just got a letter 2 days ago that said his parents removed him from the program because they need him to work to help provide for the family. He is 14. That's the age of my son. Imagine asking him to quit school so he can help earn money for our family?

Y'all pray for my boy - Raju - from India. He'll need it now more than ever...

connorcolesmom said...

Such great perspective
I love getting letters from our 2 boys
It makes me realize how different life is
for my 2 guys and when I say no to something it is ok bc there are 2 boys on the other side of the world that are thankful for rice
Much love said...

There was once an artycle in the the NY times weekend edition that stated that if you are a US family making more then 70K (as family) a year you are richer then 95% of the world and 99% of people that ever lived.. how crazy is that?

Meeghan said...

Just wanted to let you know we are praying for your family, and your daughter. Saw a request from Becky Jo on Twitter today. We just spent the last 21/2 weeks with two of three of our kids battling RSV. I thought 6 days with a fever was long...praying for wisdom for you and the docs and complete healing for T.

AbbyLane said...

lisa that breaks my heart. i started sponsoring a girl in college that lives in Tanzania, and much like your boy Robyn, her prayers over me and my life amaze and humble me.
last summer i started sponsoring my second child, this one from uganda, and it has yet been another dose of "shut up about your coffee being cold and be grateful for the shoes on your feet". THEY are the stuff of heaven. thank you Lord, for their blessing to US.