Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dear Blog, I Miss You

I am such a bad blog parent. I have neglected my wee little blog and am so ashamed.

However, in the spirit of summer, I am completely and totally swamped, busy, exhausted, tan-lined, and bug-sprayed.

It's All-Star season, people. And we are in it THICK.

So I'm gonna take a little break for the month of June. I'll be on here periodically and will definitely be checking your blogs, but just don't have enough hours in the day to keep up with mine right now.

But before I leave, I'll give you a few stories to make you chuckle.

And they will be in list format because that's how I roll. Booyah.

1. Camille passed out in the nursery at VBS yesterday. Apparently I "forgot" to tell them that she did that from time to time. Freaked those people slam out. They almost called 911. Oops. Sorry.

2. Note to self: remember to tell new nursery workers that Camille has a tendency to pass out when she gets upset or hurt.

3. Camille carried Tait's baby doll (one of about 3 zillion that she has - Tait is baby doll obsessed) around today constantly. This particular baby doll is African-American. Camille called the baby "Baby Uncle Stuart" today which is hilarious. Uncle Stuart is Spencer's brother. He is neither a baby, a girl, or an African-American.

4. I made banana bread from scratch the other day. It was amazing. Here's the recipe. I left out the nuts because ew.

5. I'm teaching VBS. I'm pretty sure I was either crazy or drunk (for anyone who knows me for real, this is quite humorous) when asked to volunteer. Because I don't have enough to do during the month of June as it is....

6. Tomorrow is Spencer's 35th bday. I adore him. He's my favorite person in the whole wide world and I hope he has a fantastic birthday. Thank you, God, for Spencer.

7. I'm currently obsessed with The Bachelorette, So You Think You Can Dance, What Not to Wear, and Law and Order SVU. Oh, and Reba. But that one could've gone without mentioning because duh.

8. I attended Living Proof Live for Minister's Wives back in February? March? Can't remember. Anyhoo, Lifeway video taped the entire event and is offering it as a digital download. Let me tell you something. Go get it. Even if you aren't a Minister's Wife (I'm not). It's relevant to the average church-going woman, funny, soul-searching, and in-your-face-just-what-you'd-expect-from-Beth-BRINGING-IT-good. And it's only $19.99. Click here to find out more or order.

I think that's all. Now I'm going to bed. It's June 2 and June is already well on its way to Kicking. My. Tail.

Nite peeps. See you in July.


Kelly L said...

Great blog. My 11 year old faints too at the sight of blood freaked out her tennis coach! I too am addicted to the bachelorette. so far all the guys are weird or is that just me... I won' do VBS but I have signed my junior higher to be a helper....lol
Enjoy your June - breathe in ....breathe out

Jackie Sue said...

Enjoy your June. Blogging is hard when real life sets in, isn't it? Sometimes commenting is too, but I'm always reading :) Have a great summer. Are you coming to Orlando for the Deeper Still conference in Sept? I think edub is...think about it...could be fun!

beckyjomama said...

All I can say is - PRAISE THE LORD FOR TWITTER!!!!! Cause I would miss you something fierce without it!

Kristin said...

I know the feeling! Summers are fun...but often not the "lazy days" we read about!Have a great July!

Queen B said...

Why is summer all of a sudden feeling busier than THE ENTIRE REST OF THE YEAR?

GratefulinGA said...

Hey Robyn,
If you are a bad blog parent, DBS (Department of Blogging Services) would have been called in to rescue my orphaned blog.

Enjoy your break, you will no doubt return with much blog material.

oh and as for VBS...remember to eat your Wheaties and be blessed!

ever your Inga

Fran said...

Yes, this list made me laugh out loud. Especially laughed out loud over Uncle Stewart. HA!

I know where to find you. I'm laying low on the blog thing too. Just wanna chill.

Love ya,

Adam (the Brother) said...

Booooooo! I get Lots of key Uncle info via this blog. Booooooo.

Cheryl said...

Enjoy your time at the ball field! ;)

Thanks for info about the LPL download. I'm headed there now to get it!

Melinda said...

Hey friend...I'm lagging a little in the blog department myself, both writing and commenting. Too much going on!

Thought about you on Saturday night whilst I was rockin' with Reba in the new Cowboys Stadium. Oh yes I was. There were no sparkle hands in sight, but it was still awesome. :o)

XO Melinda

RR Mama said...

Have a great break, it is well deserved! 1)because all star baseball means we no longer have a life! 2)Don't forget to tell the new nursery works about Camille passing out 3)I to volunteered to work VBS. You would think after 5yrs I would know better! See you in July!!!