Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I'm Not A Fan Of The Scary

Tonight after dance class, the kids and I went to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants for dinner. And yes, I said "one of our favorite" - we have many. I'm pretty sure my little family would fare well in the heart of Texas with all its tacos and queso and salsa goodness. I just need to teach Mary Emma that "chicken fingers" does not equal Mexican food.

When we walked in, we saw three life-sized zombie mannequins sitting in chairs. The restaurant was full of spider webs and skeletons and all the Halloween paraphernalia, so the zombie guys didn't get much attention.

However, I didn't know one little detail about the zombie guys.

The one on the left was real. And he jumped at me. And I almost LAID. HIM. FLAT. The kids were surprisingly not scared (they didn't witness the jumping at me) and actually shook his hand (he was VERY gentle with the kids).

But I'm not sure when my heart rate will return to normal or the blood will reenter my face.

Stupid Halloween.


Anonymous said...

I would have completely freaked out and then knocked the stew out of him..

Mocha with Linda said...

That would have taken at least 10 years off of my life!

And I'm getting old enough that I need all the years I can get! LOL

3GirlsDaddy said...

I would have given just about anything to have witnessed this in person. I almost wet my pants laughing at what I know the look on your face was. Priceless.

Leah Adams said...

I might have shot him! That is just ridiculous if my two cents is worth anything,

I am soooo not a fan of Halloween and all the glorification of death and the occult that goes along with it. Gggrrrrr. Don't get me started on this topic.

So glad you survived it!


Goldilocks said...

That was just wrong! I did punch a guy that jumped at me one time. I did not mean to it was just the way I reacted! I hate the scary stuff! I am a big baby!