Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Around here, Halloween is more of a reason to hang out with neighbors and walk around the neighborhood socializing than a time for scary and gore. We keep it low key and more of a "Fall Celebration" than anything else.

Except for the costumes. All 3 of my girls see Halloween very differently. Camille really doesn't care what she dresses as, and will change her mind 412 times before actually stepping outside to trick-or-treat. Tait decides the day after Halloween what she wants to be the next year and doesn't budge from that decision. Mary Emma, however, is in another league. She always has been. She decides what she wants to be, draws pictures complete with instructions, arrows, and map keys, and strategizes about how and when we need to start getting her dressed to maximize trick-or-treat time. She has pictures drawn on the back of her bedroom door planning her costumes till 2018. It's my "job" to fulfill a vision that is in her head. And we have a BALL doing it.

This year, Camille was a black cat, Tait was Dorothy, and Mary Emma was Elphaba (the green witch from Wicked). My sister-in-law is in the 2nd National Tour of Wicked, so we're a little obsessed with the Land of Oz around here right now.

I hope you had a successful Halloween full of Milk Duds and miniature 100 Grands. I actually read on the Twitter that someone was pilfering through her child's Halloween stash and found a REGULAR SIZED 100 Grand. I do believe the Lord smiled upon her household in that very moment.

And now, on to Thanksgiving. Which is my personal favorite. :)


Sheryl said...

They are adorable.

We had Fall Festival at church and everyone had a great time.


Lindsay Wood Hose said...

They are just so stinking cute! Wish we could have seen the costumes in person!

Mama Reid said...

They were all beautiful!
That full size bar probably came from my mom's house. Ever since she has lived in the neighborhood she has passed out full size candy. She figures she has to give them a reason to want to climb her hill. =)

Anonymous said...

Goodness, girl! You and your husband are bound for a world of trouble when these girls start dating!!

They are beautiful. And if Mary Emma has true beauty if she can still look that gorgeous with a green face!!!

Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks.

Love and blessings,

Nelson's Mama said...

Your girls are too cute.

Halloween is my personal favorite - it's the only holiday that we don't have to travel.

I also love seeing my neighbors out greeting one another, love seeing children having a good time and the whole block party feel!

Lindsee said...

I know I shouldn't have favorites, but can you beat Ephaba? SO fun!

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...


Sydney was a hobo. It wasn't a hard costume to come up with. :)

Love you sister!

Irritable Mother said...

Your girls looked wonderful!

The last time I ate a Milk Dud I ended up at the dentist office getting a crown. Seems I had a cracked tooth and the caramel was too much for it!
But now, I guess I'm good. So, please pass the Milk Duds. *grin*

Toyin O. said...

The kids look great!

Diana London said...

The moment I read about the 100 grand I had to laugh! I couldn't help but to think of alex opalstone (the hilarious free chapters preview) thanks to the soon to be viral article it has on it. Thanks for making me laugh!

izzy said...

Its so great to observe the unique point of each child ey? Your girls are so adorable!

LisaShaw said...

Stopped in to wish you and your family a beautiful and blessed Christmas!