Friday, January 30, 2009

My 25 Random Things

I've been tagged like umpteen times on Facebook to declare to the world what the top 25 random things about myself are. Notice I said the top 25. Because there are waaaayyyy more than 25 random things that I could tell you about. In fact, I have before. But I'll restrain myself. You're welcome.

Inga, Melanie, and Gayle, this is especially for you.

1. I hate warm fruit. This includes pies, cobblers, fruit flavored cakes, and toppings on perfectly good stuff (ie, please don't ruin a cheesecake by throwing some cheeries on it. Ew.). I'll eat fruit all day long, but I want it just the way God made it.

2. I don't shower every day. Sorry to break it to you. Just don't have the time.

3. I really REALLY want to play the guitar. However, I'm beginning to realize that some fingers just aren't made for that kind of stuff. Namely mine. An F chord is virtually impossible. My fingers just aren't long enough.

4. Some of my closets friends in the world are blog people. I have only seen some of them (in real life) once and have never met others face to face. But I would drop everything and go to them in case of a crisis or a major joy and I know they would do the same for me.

5. I hate more than anything to clean up the kitchen. I would rather go to the dentist. (and that's saying a LOT)

6. I have tried to like tv shows and movies that have a very quirky, silly kind of humor, but I just don't like them. This includes The Office (I'm ducking - please don't throw anything at me), Elf (again, ducking), Scrubs, & House. I do find certain lines in The Office funny, but the whole show kinda drives me nuts.

7. I would rather be beat up than go see a Horror movie.

8. I have no sympathy, NONE, for whining.

9. Same goes with people who feel entitled to things even though they have done nothing to deserve them and haven't worked for them.

10.I have never been someone to fight over a boy. I would've been a HORRIBLE contestant on the Bachelor. I would've, however, fought for my man. He's worth fighting for.

11. I wish Stacy and Clinton from What Not To Wear would come and kidnap me and make over my wardrobe. Oh, and the five grand they give you to buy clothes with would be nice, too.

12. I wore brand new boots to the Travis Cottrell CD recording last weekend and my feet still haven't fully recovered.

13. Oh my gosh, I'm only on #13?

14. There are usually piles of clean, folded laundry in my bedroom that need to get put away.

15. Can't promise anything on the "putting the laundry away" part.

16. My middle daughter, Tait, talks CONSTANTLY at home. But her teachers at school say she never opens her mouth. I think I'm gonna video her so they know I'm not lying when I tell them that she really CAN talk a lot.

17. I just put Bandaids on Tait and Camille even though they didn't have an injury. They just wanted one.

18. Of course, Camille, who is dern hard-headed, immediately wanted hers off.

19. Of course, Tait, who is the quintessential rule follower, immediately tattled on her for taking her Bandaid off.

20. When Mary Emma was in kindergarten, she told me one morning that her tummy hurt. I gave her a swig of Pepto and sent her out the door telling her "you'll feel better, I promise!" About an hour later, I got a call from the school nurse saying that she had thrown up all over the computer lab. I still feel guilty about that.

21. I pray for my future sons-in-law every single day. Cause Lord knows the one who marries Camille is gonna need it! ;)

22. I am deathly afraid of stinging bugs. I will run and scream if a wasp comes near me.

23. I have 2 big fears. One is to crash in an airplane and the other is to drown. If I had been on the airplane that crashed in the Hudson, I would've had a heart attack.

24. I have cooked several things from The Pioneer Woman's recipe collection. Every single one of them have been EXCELLENT. Most recently was "The Best Chocolate Sheet Cake Ever." And her directions are spot on. Can't wait for her cookbook to get published.

25. I'm still holding out hope that Reba is gonna call me and ask me to be her BFF. It will happen. You watch.

Ok, now I'm supposed to tag people. However, I'm not going to. If you're having an "I can't think of anything to blog about" day, then feel free to make your list.

I hope you've enjoyed reading - now you may continue with your day. You're welcome.


E-dub said...

I'm still working on mine. I won't tag you on FB. (:

E-dub said...

Oh, and #19-that's my Cheeks. (:
And number #20-my mom did that to me when I was in kindergarten.

connorcolesmom said...

Oh I love you Robyn!
And I agree so much with my blog friends being some of my closest friends
I too would drop anything for ya'll :)
Great list
Mine was so random
I needed more depth - oh well!!
Love ya

Mocha with Linda said...

Loved your list! And I am so with you on the drowning! I refuse to even consider watching Titanic - just the idea makes me practically hyperventilate!

And yeah, this blogging community is something else. The non-bloggers don't get it. And I refuse to call my blogging friends "imaginary" because they are so so so real!

No cool blog name - Mary said...

I love your one about your blogging friends! Can I be your friend please, can I, huh? Not whining or anything!
I'm off to do my 25.

Fran said...

I caved...did it on FB and I tagged you. Bwah ha ha!!!!!

Personally I know that you wrote #4 with me in mind and I appreciate you not mentioning me by name. We are humble souls.

All of these were great.
your new BFF

Tammy said...

Great list. My list is on my to-do list for the weekend. Maybe it will happen.

Cheryl said...

I've been tagged several times too and haven't doen it yet!

And on the shower thing, I'm right there with you.
Just keeping it real!

Musings of a Housewife said...

That sheet cake, O MY WORD. And I also fear drowning and airplanes. I have to get on one this weekend! GAH!!!

RR Mama said...

I am with you on #22. Just ask my husband. He calls me a freak every time we are outside and something comes at me. And you should see me at the ball park. I try to be grown up about it and make some excuse if I am talking to someone just so I can run in the opposite direction. We should form a support group!

GratefulinGA said...

hey Robyn,
love your authenticity.
Interestingly, it appears we share a few random qualities, like.....#2, #3, #4, #6, #7, #11, #13 (only not new boots ;), and #22.

and #17 - #19? Lord help us when we truly have injuries, we have to scrape to find one, usually the wrong kind or size ooor use jumbo gauze and medical tape!