Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Still LOST, But Enjoying It.

M'kay. Here's my thoughts on LOST tonight.

1. I take back what I said about Daniel being one of my faves. He's kinda creeping me out. And I'm not so sure he's not a bad guy.

2. Is it REALLY safe to hang a hydrogen bomb from a rickety tower and a rusty chain? I think not.

3. My mom made me take Latin in 9th and 10th grade. She said it would help me with my English. Tonight when The Others spoke Latin to each other, I actually recognized a few words. Maybe Latin wasn't a total waste of time.

4. Desmond's kid is named Charlie. AWWWWW! I'm kinda choked up about that one!

5. Charles Whidmore is the antichrist. That's all about that.

6. I flounder between "John Locke is a bad guy" and "John Locke is a good guy" every week. Tonight I'm leaning toward "good guy."

7. Poor Charlotte is a goner. However, that's what we thought about Claire, John, and Jen. I wonder if Charlie & Ana Lucia really aren't dead because that would ROCK.

8. I see bad things in the future for Penni and baby Charlie. Because don't even think that Charles Whidmore didn't follow Desmond back to the houseboat.

9. I totally want a houseboat. Except for my kids would live 24/7 in lifejackets and I don't think that would be too comfy for them.

10. Richard's eyes are fantastic. I'm starting to think it isn't eyeliner. I think he just has fab lashes. And I guarantee that his role in the whole LOST saga is far more important than I think it is.

11. DANIEL'S MOM IS IN LA WHICH MEANS SHE'S THE SCARY WHITE HAIRED WOMAN! The woman in the bed looked like the woman in the picture that Desmond found in the attic at Oxford. You know, the one with Daniel. Thoughts on her??

12. Still thinking about the Latin thing. I'm pretty sure it was a total waste of time.

Your thoughts? Adam, what did ya think? FYI, Adam is my brother and leaves fantastic comments about stuff like this.


margalit said...

My post is up, and I've responded to your questions there.

Cheryl said...

I agree with you about Daniel, he's definitely got a dark side.

And I almost fell off the couch when Richard called the hot-headed soldier "Whidmore."

amazingeyesrichard, say what???

Can you feel the Hannah influence?

It's going to be an interesting season!
Something else we have in common:)!

Sab Mad said...

Your thoughts made me laugh. And I agree, I really want a houseboat!

Adam (the brother) said...

Well, last night was another one of those episodes where you REALLY had to be paying attention, which I think, is why some people are turned off to the whole LOST premise, but is the reason to all of us LOST enthusiasts that things will eventually pay off big time.

How amazing was it when Locke turned to the kid and said, "Charles Whidmore?" "Yeah, what's it to you," responed the creepy latin-speaking kid who had just snapped another creppy latin-speaking kid's neck. And Locke said with a smile, "Nothing. Nice to meet you." At risk of being spurned by my brother-in-law...AWE - SOME, Locke is Awesome, To-ta-ly! (and a good guy).

Then there was the realization that Desmond named his son Charlie. I am with you, sis...I thought that was great.

The question about being dead is plaguing me. I am not sure anyone of them is dead, or if they all are dead. Locke has to "die" to get off the island, but for some reason, it is REALLY important that he be brought back with the rest of the O6.

Richard is becoming one of my favorite characters. He doesn't age (clue to the death question?) and seems to have at least some good at heart.

I think this time travel thing is a pretty smart way for the writers to answer questions that a lot of fans have had...why polar bears? what's with the smoke security monster? who is the darma initiative? who is Jacob (I think that's the last thing we'll find out)? etc...

Last thought...Locke told Richard he was born in May of 1956, making him currently 52. I think that is poor writing. I think he looks way older than that. OR, is that a clue to some other question about time, the island and age/death?

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

Okay, I'm sorry but I totally love Daniel. And I think he loves Charlotte because she's really his mom.

Okay. not really but wouldn't that be a kicker?

But seriously, Charlotte is from the island don't you think? And her nose is bleeding because she doesn't have a constant for all the time tripping. I think the girl with the gun from Whidmore's group is Penny's mom.

That's all for now. :))

Wani said...

I agree... John Locke is one that I just cannot decide if he's good or bad.