Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Yes, I'm Playing Fetch With My Daughter.

Don't judge.

Mary Emma is in school. Tait is in preschool this year - this is her 3rd day. Camille is home. With me. And no playmates.

Have mercy.

Today, we have taken Tait to school, gone to gymnastics, and gone to the grocery store. We've been home 5 minutes. She has already started the "Hold you, Mommy " routine (which is Camille-speak for "Hold me, Mommy") and has thrown herself in the floor out of sheer boredom. Twice.

So while I am putting up groceries, I grabbed a red mardi-gras necklace and tossed it. Either my wood floors are crazy clean, or there's a layer of dust on them (I'm not sure which...), but that sucker can slide all the way across the house. And Camille thinks it's hysterical. So she runs and gets it, brings it back to me, and the game starts all over again.

You know, the friendly game of fetch that people typically play with their dogs.

Funny thing is, every time I throw the necklace, Camille says "Don't throw it, Mommy." Yeah, ok. I'd rather go back to the whine and falling in the floor.

So I'm playing fetch with my kid.

I think I'll hold off writing that parenting book.


livingtotellaboutit said...

My philosophy is: If it works, don't knock it...

*Shannon said...

Hey, if she's being entertained, why not! Ha, I think I'm going to try that next time I babysit... hilarious.

Alene said...

A mom's philosophy - anything to keep them happy, quiet and entertained. At least you found something not so strenuous! ha Enjoy those precious moments.

Shelli said...

Honestly, I might have to try this with Alli Claire. She was crawling around the house this morning barking like a dog. Why not??

Jackie Sue said...

Like the other moms said...if it works and its not hurting anything go for it :)

redcedar said...

My son used to say "Hold you, Mommy!" too... So cute.