Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Check This Out!

This pic makes me happy. Happy is a good thing. Rock on.

PS - Props to Annie for introducing me to Picnik. You rock, my friend.


Sarah said...

Look at Beth just lovin' on her friend, 3 girls mom!! :-) I haven't even seen mine yet...

Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...

Girlfriend if anyone is going to get 'er done, it's YOU!!

ROFLOL...I am no more surprised to see you parked by Bethie than I am that the sky is blue... :D

I'd love to do lunch sometime..

Oh, and I emailed Trista about re-doing my template.

Jackie Sue said...

I tried Picnik too! Saw you smilin there next to Beth. Way to go!!!

Amanda said...

I'm having a hard day, actually! Thanks so much for your prayers!

Mom of Eleven said...

Loving you in the photo. Too cute. I love how Beth is holding your hand. I am still laughing at how we had to hurry and put our cameras up!!

Hope your re-entry back into mommy life has been good. I am feeling so guilty my next trip is falling so soon and I am headed back out tomorrow.

So fun meeting you girl,

Mom of Eleven said...

Too funny, She is holding Brittany's hand, but I love how she has her arm around you. Okay. . I must be losing it,

Emmy said...


I miss everyone too! I love this picture! How did you write on it? Cool! You got the good spot girl!

Love it!

Emmy : )

Anonymous said...

Hey Girl!! Yes, I would say we got the best picture!!!! It was so good to meet you and put a name with a face!!! I hope we can meet up again soon....you are such a delight!!! Yesterday I ran into a military guy at Wal-Mart and I flashed back to the conference room in SA when I barged in with my PJ's on...AHH!! So many stories in such a short weekend...but it was a blast. Take care and keep in touch