Friday, March 26, 2010

We Now Resume This Blog To Its Usual Randomness.

I have been overwhelmed at the response to my last post. OVERWHELMED. This great big ole internet with millions of strangers on it has blessed me beyond words. Thank you for following me on this weight journey - with all of the ups and downs associated with it (and let me tell you, 2 days ago, there were TEARS involved - it was a rough one). I appreciate your support more than I can say. And if this journey is motivating any of you, well then that's just icing on the cake (or lemon juice on the baked fish, in my case). :)

Now, back to the random that you're accustomed to.

You're welcome.

We are the proud owners of 3 new Hermit Crabs. We went to the beach over spring break and the kids decided to pool their souvenir money and buy crabs.

Mary Emma's crab (the shell in the back) is named Patrick - no, not from Sponge Bob, but because we got him/her (who really knows?) on St. Patrick's Day.

Tait's crab (the crab in the front) WAS named Megan, but she has since changed it to Claire.

Because Claire is obviously a much better name for a hermit crab than Megan is.


Camille's crab (middle crab - and let me stop and tell you that I accidentally typed "crap" instead of "crab" which has me giggling right now, because obviously I'm 12) has had a number of monikers. First it was Madeline (In a house in Paris that was covered in vines, lived 12 little girls in 2 straight lines - THAT Madeline). Next it was Annie (Yes, The sun will come out tomorrow, Annie). Then it was Mr. Poofie Head (if you can figure out where that one came from, I would appreciate it - we have no idea). Now its name is Beverly Hills Chihuahua (or "Bebbily Hills Ta-wah-wah" as she pronounces it).

Seems completely appropriate for a crab to be named after a dog movie.

The crabs have taken over a part of my brain that I didn't know was unoccupied. I have always gotten attached to pets - my college roommate had an aquarium and would flush her fish when she went home for holidays - an act that would send me into sobs and her into hysterical laughter. I now realize there was probably something a little deeper there..... Anyway, I find myself researching tetracycline washes for stressed out crabs and Choya wood for the terrarium so they can climb. 2 weeks ago, I had never heard of Choya wood. Now I want to buy a piece of it. Or turning up the thermostat to 72 because our house is usually kept at 68 but crabs are happier with temps over 70.


So that's my life right now. Tell me what's going on with you. I can't wait to read the comments.

Albeit while sweating in my hot house.

But the crabs will be happy.


connorcolesmom said...

Well it does not surprise me one bit primarily because you are one of the most caring and sensitive people I know
So the fact that you love animals no matter what kind is just so you :)
love you!!!!

Fran said...

Hey friend. Considering I talked to you today via phone (HOLLER) then i'll just say hi and I love ya and I can't wait to see you soon.

Have a mahvelous weekend.

Unknown said...

I've been silently cheering your weight loss on! I'm so proud of you!

You're cracking me up with the crabs (and the crap sideline made me giggle too, because obviously I'm 12 too)!

Always love hearing about your girls - they are just as precious as their mama!

Unknown said...

Once you join the world of hermit crab lovers, it's impossible to resist getting all kinds of things for them! Especially when you find out - and you won't necessarily like this - that the "starter kit" pet stores start you with contain nothing that will sustain a crab for more than 3-6 months. Most pet stores call them "throwaway pets", when in reality they can survive in captivity for 30+ years.
I've had my hermit crabs for over a year now, can I suggest a great website to help you figure out exactly what your crabs need?
Check out this article:
Don't get the tetracycline bath - it has been found to be unnecessary, even unsafe for them.
I can see they are on gravel - this will not do for them, they need to dig to molt. It's best to go get some Eco Earth, which is a 100% coconut husk substrate. You expand it with ocean salt water, and your little guys will love to dig in it and even eat it.
I also strongly suggest you read about molting - many people have thrown their crabs away, thinking they were dead, when they had only molted.
Welcome to the addictive world of crabbing!
Great website:

Cheryl said...

We went through a crap/b phase here in our home too. My daughter's out lived 2 of my son's. He couldn't understand why! The only thing we could figure was that Emma won hers at the fair and it was used to living a hard life, aka gypsy crab vs. Dougie getting his at the pet store, aka sissy crab!
But eventually the gypsy moved on too and honestly, I was glad!

Prepare yourself now, my friend!!!

Rhonda said...

Just think of it as a sauna and not a sweat box. The sweating will help with the weight right? Down 10 pounds my self Praise the were & are inspiring too many!