Monday, September 15, 2008

I Really Am Southern


1. I don't really like sweet tea.
2. I'd rather have a drink without ice. I'd like it COLD, but really prefer no ice.
3. I don't like Pride & Prejudice (book or movie) or any other sappy romance movie/book.
4. I've never seen Gone with the Wind.
5. I'm not a NASCAR fan.
6. I will never like humidity.
7. I have a secret desire to live in Colorado, Montana, or Wyoming.
8. I will not, WILL NOT, wear panty hose.
9. I love Sarah Palin's accent.
10. I like Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi the same. I'm not even kidding.


1. I LOVE how we talk down here.
2. I'd rather go to the Alabama Gulf Coast than the Caribbean. I think it's prettier, too.
3. I'm PROUD of being Southern and love listening to my children speak with their young southern drawls.
4. I love college football so much that I get mad if I have things to do on Saturdays that disrupt my college football time.
5. Helen Keller is one of my life heroes.
6. My children wear bows in their hair whenever we leave the house.
7. I will never wear white shoes after Labor Day or before Easter.
8. I love neighborhoods where everyone knows everyone - I live in one of those neighborhoods.
9. I appreciate good fried chicken, potato salad, and any side dish made with Jello.
10. My air conditioning works in hyper drive during the summer months because I hate to sweat.

What about you? How are you alike/not alike your geographic stereotype? I'm interested to know.


lea said...

really, you don't like p&p? i don't think we can be friends... but i will try to continue our amiable relationship....

THE ROOST said...

Fun post! Being a southern girl I could relate to many..I love all the wonderful museums & historic sites of the northeast but give me the slower pace of the south anyday! :)

E-dub said...

WAIT A MINUTE!!! You don't like even the movie P&P? Even after that one night?

"I'm too sexy for this rectory."

Robyn. Seriously. I'm having to think about our friendship now. (:

Patty said...

Now this was funny! I am southern to and *gasp* over the fact that you don't like sweet tea. heehee

I heart sweet tea. :) I have to have a lot, a lot of ice in my drinks. Love Nascar, have seen Gone with the Wind several times, DON'T like humidity, I am with you on Montana, Wyoming except that I would miss the south.

I don't do diet drinks...I just don't like the taste...well, let me back up, I do like Diet Dr. Pepper.

I am with you on college football and this weekend the rivalry is between my beloved Vols and the Gators. Do I expect my team to win, no but I just love it!! I love Neyland Stadium and all things orange and white.

This was fun and I may have to take this idea over to the Siesta Blog. :)

Have a great day.

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

You don't like sweet tea?! That alone makes me wonder if you really are from the South!!!!!

I'm from North Carolina and I am proud to call myself a Southerner!

pinkmommy said...

You would love my sweet tea. I just know it.

I am right there with you on Nascar and so is my hubby, but only cause he is too busy huntin and fishin to care :)

Karen P. said...

Hey (War Eagle hey that is),

Great post! I love it! As a native of Mobile and now a resident of north Alabama, I've always been a southern girl, but while I love it, I too harbor a desire to live in Colorado, Montana or somewhere out there with big ski mountains. (We are addicted to snow skiing, preferably out in the west US.)

I still follow the white shoe rule too!!!

Love: SEC football, especially my alma mater, Auburn; sweet tea (but I don't drink it ever anymore); P&P (book and BBC production only); lazy Sunday afternoons; Diet Pepsi; big bows in little girls' hair.

Could live without: humidity, hurricanes, tornadoes, fake southern accents in movies.

Concerning NASCAR--we went to Talledega once so I can say been there, done that period!

Thanks for causing me to stop and think about my south! Oh, I liked your profile on Siesta Fiesta blog...that's how I got to your blog!

Jackie Sue said...

This was a fun post, but I can't, CANNOT believe some of the things you don't like....seriously. I am with you on several things that declare your "southerness", but I don't have a southern accent until I get around folks that do. Still, I'm the core. Love the south. BUT, the west, like the places you mentioned are AMAZING! I heart Colorado, Montana and Wyoming.

Ginger said...

Anything made with Jello - HILARIOUS. And so southern, especially that opaque light green stuff with all kinds of surprises inside. I wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole, but it's at every family gathering we have.

Michelle said...

Loved this post!

I giggled out loud at will not wear panty hose! HATE them!

I'm from the south as well and I love a nice glass of sweet tea!