Thursday, September 18, 2008

I Might Be A Little Addicted

Oh, y'all.

My heart is heavy today.

It's a sad, sad day in my household.

Well, it's a sad day to me - everyone else is business as usual.

A tragedy has occurred and the thought of it makes me reach for the comfort of chocolate.

My TiVo is gone.

I know, I'll pause while you catch your breath.

It's actually not gone. The box is still there. But the TiVo-ed shows are gone. Poof.

And if you know anything about me, I appreciate the fine art of TiVo more than any other human on this planet. Since my daily TV schedule rotates around Dora the Explorer, Yo Gabba Gabba, Barney, & The Wonderpets, and my nighttime schedule rotates around homework, dinner, bathtime, & various extracurricular activities, the TiVo is my window to the outside world. I never fret about missing an episode of America's Next Top because I know the TiVo will be my rescuer. I can put the kids to bed and have a little brain dead time at the end of the day. It's wonderful.

I also re-watch shows a lot. I'm a compulsive re-watcher. I had (sniff) 30 episodes of REBA TiVo-ed, for crying out loud! (I know my friend, Annie, will appreciate the tragedy of lost REBAs.) There are several shows that I had on there that I will watch from time to time that are over a year old! I mean, what's a girl gonna do without February 13, 2007's Lifetime Movie of the Day? Or the 2006 Academy of Country Music Awards?

They're special to me, people.

I think I'm breaking out in hives.

The new TiVo (boo! hiss!) will be up and running today. But its little memory will be blank. Kaput. Nada. I will have to start over.

I might need a support group. And definitely significant amounts of chocolate.


Sarah said...

Okay. Go to or your local Blockbuster or Books-a-Million and buy yourself some entire season of... something-or-other that will pacify you until you can load up the new TiVo. I KNOW it will never replace 30 episodes of Reba -- I'm not a re-watcher, but I do love my DVR -- but it will be of some comfort to you. My sympathies...

Tracye said...

Wow. That's rough. And I say that with absolutely no sarcasm.

I am so addicted to TiVo, that I find myself wanting to pause or rewind the radio. Or even live noises. I'll hear something in the house, and want to reach for the remote to replay the noise.

We have TiVo on both of our TVs, so I truly feel your pain. Well, not really, cause both of mine are fine. But I can imagine.

Queen B said...

I feel your pain. I really do. If it wasn't for Tivo I would never watch tv.

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

I feel your pain. I've had to start over as well and it can be so depressing. My husband and I like to save the shows from the week and watch them during the weekend. It stinks when they all get deleted.

lea said...

i will pray for you. that is harsh indeed. of course, i have my own personal tragedy as my scrapbook store is closing. life is hard... and God is good...

Alene said...

Cute, cute, cute! I love it. Love the laughter you provide. Have you found that support group? I'll be checking in on you. Blessings.

THE ROOST said...

Love TiVo! The chocolate might help a little!

Beachy Mimi said...

Sooo sorry about TiVo. It's really painful to lose your shows before you even get to view them. I feel your pain!! Good luck with therapy and the new TiVo.

Amy said...

Oh how I feel your pain...if I could somehow poof those shows onto the new TIVO, I so would!

Janis said...

HI--I am a new addict to my DVR and can't imagine what we did without it! :) My hubby doesn't quite understand the addiction yet but I am sure he will get it someday! :) lol

A friend said the same thing happened to her Tivo but her brother was able to hook the memory card up to his computer and get everything back onto the new one...if you have someone who is into technology you may be able to save it - I wouldn't have a clue how to do so.