Tuesday, July 29, 2008

We All Have Goals

My goals for today.
1. Buy Mary Emma new tennis shoes for school.
2. Unload dishwasher.
3. Run by Apple store.
4. Take shower, put on clothes/makeup, brush teeth.
5. Work on potty training with Tait.
6. Begin making a packing list for beach.
7. Put up laundry in kids' rooms.
8. Meet in-laws for dinner.

Mary Emma's goals for today.
1. See if she can stick her tongue out for an hour.
2. Chew as many pieces of gum at the same time as possible.

At least she has goals, right?


NotJustLaura said...

Goals are good. Even if they involve sticking your tongue out ... And, hey, if she's doing that then she's probably quiet?

Melanie said...

Goals are good--sometimes mine are unrealistic, but at least I know what's important to me :). I've had fun catching up on your blog. Maybe one of my goals will be to start blogging--maybe :).

Monica said...

Perfect goals. Never thought about putting shower on the list... guess that way you know you can always scratch something off : -)