Thursday, July 31, 2008

This is lame, but I'm packing to go on vacation.

Ok, I know you've all been waiting with baited breath for this list. And I'm all about pleasing you peeps. And I'm packing to go to the beach, so my brain is all full up with laundry and 17 lists of to-dos, to-pack, and to-put-up.

So this is all I got for ya.


And please visit again really soon. I'll be at the beach with my husband's entire family, so you KNOW their will be some bloggy opportunities coming out of that!

Favorite movie: Space Camp, American President
Favorite ice cream: Baskin Robbins Chocolate/Peanut Butter
Favorite drink: Coca Cola Classic
Favorite veggie: asparagus
Favorite fruit: oranges
Favorite color: blue
I drive: Chrysler Town & Country
Favorite book in the Bible: James
Favorite author: Jodi Piccoult & James Patterson
Favorite actor/actress: ???
Favorite TV channel: TLC, Food Network, WB
Favorite News channel: FOX
Hobby: read, paint, play guitar
Pet: none
Collection: nutcrackers at Christmas
Favorite article of clothing: flip flops
Want to travel to...Australia
Issues: messy
Temperment: laid back, glass is half full
Enjoy the most: vacations, Disney World
Wish I was: skinnier
Glad I'm not: mean, stuck up
Favorite color lipstick: neutrals
Favorite makeup: Stila. Heard good things about Bare Minerals. Would like to try
Best beauty advice: wash face often
Personality: happy, funny
Best trait: my dazzling good looks. HaHa. Probably my sense of humor
Favorite activity: laughing
Occupation: wife and mommy
Favorite bedtime preparation activity: after I put the kids to bed, I like to watch TV with Spencer and be brain dead for a while.
Like bling: yes. A diamond is a girl's best friend, after all.
Favorite stores: Target, Talbots, Williams Sonoma, Smith & Hawken, Pottery Barn, Ikea
Dislike: WalMart, mean people, people who can only have one friend at a time.
Favorite job ever: teaching 3rd grade
Worst job ever: file clerk at a mortgage company. Spent a whole summer on my knees filing. Had to dress "business dress" too, including panty hose. Ruined everything I had.
When I grow up:I'd love to be an astronaut. And a good housekeeper. And a chef. And have someone clean my kitchen after I've messed it up.
Favorite city: NYC
Would like to: be a performer
Fingernails/toenails: horrible
Best hair product: Redken Glass
Current hair color: blonde. Just had it hilighted yesterday!
Demographic: 30's
Favorite room in the house: bedroom
Have too many: clothes I don't wear
Currently learning: blogging stuff
Last book read: 7th Heaven by James Patterson
Favorite Broadway musical: Annie Get Your Gun, Les Miserables, Miss Saigon
Tendency to be: naive, cranky when tired.
Irritants: whining
Greatest accomplishment: motherhood
Favorite lotion: Aquaphor
Favorite scent: clean babies right after a bath
Favorite flower: tulip, peony
Favorite season: Fall

Ok. Wasn't that fun? Aren't you glad you read the whole thing?

Now, back to laundry, list making, packing, etc.


Melanie said...

I AM glad I read your whole list...I feel like I know just a little bit more about you & I think you're awesome!