Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Post In Which I Will Discuss Sparkle Fingers, Jazz Hands, & Reba McEntire.

If you will recall my giddiness a few posts ago, I told you that I was cast as an audience member in the Reba: Invitation Only show that was filmed for CMT. Well, that glorious day has come and gone and I would be remiss in my bloggy duties if I didn't share every single detail with you. You're SO welcome.

The happy occasion took place this past Saturday (aka 3 days ago). As fate and hilarity would have it, it also fell on the day after I hosted 9 8-year-old girls at my house for a sleepover, and was seriously sleep deprived. But if you think exhaustion would keep me from meeting my bff, Reba, then you have come to the wrong blog, little missy.

I decided that a) since I was going to be on CMT and b) I was gonna be mere inches from my Reba, I would fix my hair all fancy like (Fancy is my name...). But after spending way too many minutes trying to fancify my hair, I remembered that my hair is a one man pony show and only has one style and doesn't DO FANCY, so I jumped in the shower, washed it, and started over. I took some pictures of the "fancy hair," but I was even embarrassing myself, so I deleted them off of my camera, thus not posting them on this blog. Sorrrrrrrryyyyyy.

Anyhoo, a couple or 45 minutes late, I jumped in my car and headed to Nashville. I had specific instructions about where to meet and when, and was wearing some HAWT red shoes (which has nothing to do with anything except I felt morally obligated to tell you about my fab shoes) and met our production assistant who took us to the studio. We were told that the studio was hard to find which was the reason for meeting at a gazebo and being escorted there, but I noticed that there were signs everywhere directing us to Studio A, so I'm still a little confused about how one could get lost. But whatev. I think they are just the nicest people ever for escorting us to our location.

We were then escorted behind the scenes - back where the production people, trailers, crew parking was - (side note: I LOVE all things behind the scenes. LOVE IT. I even saw Narvel (Reba's husband) walking out of a trailer carrying a plate of nachos. That. Rocked.) -- and into the studio. The studio was set up like a living room. There were couches, chairs, table/chair combos and we were told individually where to sit. There were about 100 people in the audience (SHUT UP) so everyone had a great seat. I was directed to a sofa where 2 guys were already sitting. They were awesomely friendly, especially the guy sitting next to me. He was bouncy. Literally. He bounced all night long. He screamed and hollered and raised his sparkle fingers to Reba every time she glanced our direction. He was THAT GUY who yelled "I Love You, Reba!" during a camera break. He danced (complete with jazz hands) to every song she sang. He was hilarious and I had a BALL sitting next to him. I don't know how much face time I'll get on camera, because his over-the-top fan antics might've caused the camera operators to avoid our sofa, but it was totally worth it. If you do see me on camera, I'll probably be laughing hysterically at how um, animated he was.

Reba was, of course, awesome. AWESOME. She sang some oldies (The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia, Why Haven't I Heard From You, And Still...) as well as a bunch of songs off of her yet to be released album. And let me tell you something. It's gonna be GOOD. There's a song on the album called I Want a Cowboy that I predict will be HUGE for her. It should be The Pioneer Woman's theme song.

After the show, Reba was whisked off stage and was GONE before we could blink. It was her perfect chance to get to hang out with ME for a little while, but she had to complete a little task called "Performing at the Grand Ole Opry" so I let her slide this time. Oh, Nashville and your demands. You are seriously cramping my bff time. But I still love you.

After meeting my girl, Abby (hey Abby!) for dinner at a cool little place called Genghis Grill, I headed home. By this time it was 9:30 PM. I stopped by Starbucks and got a Venti Mocha (I've NEVER ordered a venti anything) because, if you'll recall, I had spent the previous night with 9 squealy girls. I was tired, but happy, and had talked to Spencer for a while on the phone, but was getting really sleepy around Huntsville. I thought about stopping to get a hotel room, but really wanted to be home in my bed more, so kept going. My sleepiness was tossed out the window when I was pulled over by the Athens Police for speeding in a construction zone. It was 11:00, raining, and dark. There was no construction taking place. I never saw a cone, an orange barrel, or a change in speed limit sign. I plead my case and even used the "It's Mother's Day" card, but was given a ticket anyway. NICE JOB, HEARTLESS ATHENS COP. Meanie. So now, my almost free, happy, blissful trip turned into a happy, blissful, trip that will cost me a bunch of American Dollars. Boo. On. That.

Even still, I got to see my Reba. And it was awesome. And you can witness the awesomeness on August 21 on CMT. If I could set my TiVo this far out, I completely would. I'm currently taking bets on how many times I'll consecutively watch the show when it airs.

My bet is 114. But I'm thinking I low-balled that a little....


beckyjomama said...

You make me smile ... a LOT!

I am so happy that you had this chance, but soooo mad at the cop. BOO! What kind of horrible creature gives a MOM a ticket on MOTHER'S DAY?!?!?!?!

connorcolesmom said...

Love the recap !!
So glad you got to wear your HAWT read shoes which are totally my FAVORITE color
And I am LOL at the guy you were sitting next to - I can totally picture it!
And BIG BOO on the ticket
I would have told him to go give it to his mother - mean cop!!!!
Love you girl!

tonya said...

I've been patiently waiting for the recap. So glad it was a memorable experience....ticket and all, man that stinks. But it's part of the whole memory now for sure!

Be sure to let us know when it airs!

Anonymous said...

First time reading your blog, I was very entertained. I also am an avid Reba fan and a bit jealous. Thanks again! Darin from NC

Fran said...

I cannot wait to see this August 21on CMT. I'll watch it 114 times with you!!!

Dude next to you totally cracks me up. I have the whole thing pictured in my head. LOVE IT.

Nashville is very high maintenance but I'm so glad you got to see Abby. Tiny bit jealous. ;)

Stupid ticket.

Love you,

Cheryl said...

Sounds like you had a great time! So how did you get chosen for this?

I'll be looking forward to seeing it in August.

Mary'Sparkle fingers' Snyder said...

I'm so watching with you -- we can have a WATCH REBA gathering!! Yep! We can. Okay, can I use just ONE more exclamation point in this comment -- ya think?

Love the sparkle fingers dude -- I want to have sparkle fingers and jazz hands. We should invite him to our next gathering.... well, maybe not.

NikkiPoppins said...

Okay...I probably shouldn't be posting to this because I am pretty sure that there is more jealously floating through my veins than blood! I mean, seriously!

I love Reba! LOVE HER!! Can I just tell you I had not 1 but 2 posters up in my room when I was younger! And I have the show on DVD and have worn the cds out! But you know that because that is just another part of why you and I were meant to be friends! That and Mary Poppins and other things that you may not want talked about on here...nothing bad! Promise!

I am also jealous because you were in my town and I wasn't and that Abby got to see you and I didn't! :-( **Massive pouty face going on over here***

But there is atleast one thing that you got that night that I am not jealous about...the ticket! I do NOT envy you that! Although that cop should be shot for giving a mom a ticket on Mother's Day!! We should tell his Mother!! Lol!

Love you and I am soo glad that you got to go! Really!
Can't wait to see you on tv!!

And my word verification is wartly!! Lol!

d said...

Wow, I would have LOVED to have done that, but it sounds like something that would happen to me with the speeding ticket!

Glad you made it home, safe and sound, though!

Flip Chick said...

Hi there. I am very proud to say I was also a lucky person that got to attend the taping. Actually, I was one of the extremely BLESSED people that got to ask a question!!! I flew to Nashville from NY and was a little worried about how much money I was spending to be there for a total of 48 hours (no exaggeration - from touchdown to liftoff in Nashville), but it was a magical night and one I'll cherish forever. (That was my first time to see Reba live and I was 7 feet away from her!!!) The one thing I regret was that I was so nervous I didn't really talk to the people around me and exchange names and emails. But it's been fun finding people online sharing their stories.

I hadn't thought about the number of times I'll watch the show - but 114 sounds way too low. :) My biggest problem is that I don't have TiVo or a DVR, just an old-fashioned VCR - and a junky one at that. I'll be pestering everyone I know to help me get one very nice, clean taping come Aug. 21!

RR Mama said...

Did you show your HAWT red shoes to the Athens Cop. Stinkin' Cop!!! What was he thinking, oh wait clearly he wasn't. Glad you had a great time and sorry your bff had to leave to make it to Nashville. There is always next time. And trust me there will be a next time.

lea said...

why is your life so much cooler than mine?

Melinda said...

I'm with Lea...why??

XO from a much less HAWT mama!

Tammy said...

I am not a CMT girl...but I promise you I want to watch this just to get a glimpse of the sparkle fingers!

I'm am putting in my reminder request now.

BOO Athens police!

AnnieBlogs said...

I am 16 shades of jealous. That is awesome.

I only wish I could have seen you while you were in town. Boo. On. That.

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

Can not believe you didn't show us pictures of the hair and shoes..:))

SO glad you had a great time.. I'm not even a big Reba fan *don't hurt me* but I'll totally watch in hopes of catching a glimpse of you and Happy Man.

Love you!