Monday, April 6, 2009

I'm Usually Better At My Job

See these kids?

They are my world. I'm their mommy. It's my full-time job.

And yesterday, I was pretty terrible at my job.

I didn't feel well (stupid garden, stupid apple, stupid snake, stupid Eve, therefore stupid cramps) and it rained all the live long day. Mary Emma slept with me the night before and I'm pretty sure she was training for a kick boxing event all night long. Camille was in a MOOD yesterday and Tait found a way to target that mood and drive Camille out of her mind. I didn't clean up the kitchen. The kids ate McDonalds for lunch and breakfast for dinner. The day was filled with fussing and time outs. I did manage to squeeze in a Bible Study, but I'm not sure it counted since I was yelling, "Girls, please leave Mommy alone and go play and BE QUIET so I can listen to Beth Moore!" at them. There's just something wrong about yelling during Bible Study.

The Bible Study was being a Wise Mom. Otherwise entitled I've Been a Terrible Mom Today And Need Some JESUS To Make Me a Better One Tomorrow. One thing that hit me square in the face was Beth talking about how fast they grow up.

Y'all, this will be over before I know it. I only get one shot at being a good mom. ONE. And. I. Will. Be. A. Better. One. Today. Than. I. Was. Yesterday.

Will I be perfect? No way. Far from it. But my girls will know that I love them more than anyone on this planet.

Because no one loves them like I do. And I will show them that today. They deserve it.


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

I always enjoy your blog and you give me many laughs.

Hope you will stop by and visit me sometime.

Have a great week.


Susan said...

Praise Jesus...the kids have short memories!

Since mine are now 18 (going on 50), 17 (going on 12) and 13 (6 feet and counting) I can tell you that YES, the time has flown by. They grew up in a day. Okay, two. But very, very quickly. I distinctly remember thinking (just yesterday, wasn't it?) that today is the first day of Shawn's freshman year in high school. He is three weeks shy of finishing his freshman year of college. COLLEGE.

Here's the thing. No one, not even Him, expected me to be perfect (can I hear an AMEN?!). There have truly been days when I said, "yes, you can have sghetti-o's for breakfast. And lunch. And dinner. Oh, and you have to heat them up yourself."

They will continue to love you. They will continue to thrive. They will continue to grow up NOT expecting perfection out of themselves.

And once in a (great) while, they will make your entire decade by posting on facebook, "my mom is totally awesome". The next day, it will be back to, "I'm grounded and it's not fair and my mom is dumb."

But that's okay, too :)

Love ya.

Mama said...

You're an incredible Mommie! LOVE YOU LOTS!

Unknown said...

Funny how those messages hit just at the right time, huh?

I hope you're having a better day. And I bet you're a wonderful Mommy, even when you don't think you are!

Mocha with Linda said...

Oh, I can so relate to this one!

Mary said...

You are a GREAT Mom and you know how I know? Because you care enough to be worried that you're not doing a good enough job. Clear as mud, right?

Seriously, I know bad moms. I've worked with many and you're not one.

We all have bad days and we all have days where you just have to look at them while they're sleeping so you can love them in the morning. Raising kids is not for wimps! It's tough. But you care and that's what makes you great!

And I think I've yelled the same thing at my girls years ago. They're no worse for the wear.

Unknown said...

Nothing like a nice dose of reality to smack us in the face and get our priorities straight.

Rachel said...

that DVD makes me cry every.time.

Sooooo been there yelling at kids WHILE trying to Bible study. Lord, help us! praying for you this week!
much love,

beckyjomama said...

Can I just tell you that I REALLY needed this today?!?! Oh yes I did!


Cheryl said...

You are a great mom!
We all have those days, and it's a perfect opportunity to teach our children that we're not perfect and that we all make mistakes and that sometimes mommy needs your forgiveness.

Thanks for sharing this!
Love ya!

Fran said...

Thank you Jesus for do-overs!!!!
You are fabulous and normal and we all understand. And, so does God.

Go read my blog. Different slap in the face, but still one nontheless.

I love ya,

Tammy said...

Haven't we all been there at one time or another....and many times for me too.

Praying you have a better day tomorrow. Blessings!

connorcolesmom said...

Oh Girl do I feel your pain
It is hard being a mommy!
ESPECIALLY when your hubby has been out of town!
It is such a blessing that kids are resilent and totally bounce back
We are too hard on ourselves
I give myself a break when I have hard days like that - just know it is OK!
You are a GREAT mommy
Much love

Beth Cotell said...

We all have "those days" and sometimes it seems like there are lots of "those days" strung one right after the other.

Your kids will love you anyway...probably even a little more if you are giving them breakfast for dinner! :)

Jules from "The Roost" said...

It's the long haul that matters....that is what they remember not the bad days here and there! I seem to be grouchier on rainy days too ;(

Gran Jan said...

On Robyn - I love your beautiful blog and I love you. Take it from this empty-nest Mom (still a Mom - now a Gran Jan!) that they will cherish you and God will give you the grace to do it again. Your girls are precious -

Have a great Easter weekend - much love to you.

Because He Lives,

ocean mommy said...

Oh girl..I can so relate to this!

I think we all have those day when we question what in the world were we thinking????

Thank goodness for do-overs!!