Saturday, March 14, 2009


I took this picture at an Exxon gas station in Athens, AL yesterday.

The most shocking part to me is that they spelled "receipt" correctly, but not "available."

And is it wrong that as SOON as I saw the sign, I quickly grabbed my camera and thought, "I have GOT to blog about this!"?

All for you, bloggy peeps. I'm here to serve.


edub said...

If this is wrong, then I do not want to be right. ABAILALBE? That is amazing, and I thank you. Goodnight.

Jules from "The Roost" said...

That is hilarious! IT's me without spell check! =)

Melinda said...

That just blows me away. My daughter has one college professor who actually takes points off for spelling and grammar. ONE. AND, this is may all-time favorite spelling story, and it's TRUE:

My husband was hiring a new admin assistant. He asked her to take dictation and then type what he had dictated. She did as she was told and brought back the typed document for his review. It began:

DO to the fact...

He said "no, you've misspelled the first word."

"Oh, I'm sorry," she said, and went back to retype it.

She presented it again. It said:

DEW to the fact...

Incredulous, he thanked her for her time and said, "Don't call us, we'll call you."

Well, not really, on that last part, but suffice to say, she wanted asked to join us.

To my second grade teacher, Mrs. Williams, who was the toughest teacher I ever had (I'm not kidding) when it came to spelling, grammar and handwriting:


Sorry, Robyn. Can you tell I'm a little passionate about this topic??

Melinda said...

Okay, I've just caught errors in my own rant about spelling and grammar!

"this may BE my all-time favorite..."
"hiring a new admin-assistant..."
"she WASN'T asked to join us..."

Those would've never gotten past Mrs. Williams.

Cheryl said...

I'm a spelling fanatic too!

I'm abailable for tutoring iF anyone needs it1 :)

Cheryl said...

oops.... capital F instead of f; 1 instead of !, I never claimed to be a typing fanatic!

Tammy said...

Here ya' go:

Mocha with Linda said...

Unbeliebable. The sign, not that you took a picture.

Because I am this!!

Anonymous said...

Too funny, but I'm a little afraid of posting for fear I make a spelling mistake or twelve.

Spelling correctly? Apparently it and good grammar are quickly becoming very dated. Not in my world.

Anonymous said...

the capital "I" is a nice touch also...

though i live in a glass house concerning grammar and spelling and i shall cast no more stones...

Unknown said...

So, let's go out and be ABAILABLE to God!



Mallory_Howell said...

Ha Ha!
It's a possibilty that they were Hispanic owners. Which is still no excuse as to why they wouldn't check for correctness before putting it on a sign.
Anyways.. I've taken 2 years of Spanish classes. The Spanish "V" makes a "B" sound. That's probably where the confusion came from.
But isn't it funny how you can come to the U.S., open a store, yet still aren't required to know English. God bless us!
Have a good day!

Phyllis said...

I'm sure the person who wrote that is Russian. :-) In Russian, the letter B says V!

mrs shortcake said...

If you liked "abailable," you might enjoy one of my favourite comedy blogs:

People take pictures of the most horrific translations and mispellings they can find! :)

LA Nickers said...

I simply cannot take off my editor glasses - no matter where I go.