Saturday, February 14, 2009

We Don't Need No Stinkin Roses

Having 3 small children has put a small damper on Spencer and my Valentine plans. It seems that we always have babysitters who are cute and precious, which means they generally have BOYFRIENDS and don't want to spend their Valentine's Day at my house watching my kids while Spencer and I go out. And since it's illegal for them to stay home alone (just kidding, mom, I would never leave them home alone), we usually plan our Valentine festivities after they have gone to bed. Which means we cook and eat dinner after 8:30 PM. Romantic, I know. Plus, neither of us are all about the elaborate meals out at fancy restaurants while fighting the ridiculous crowds who have made reservations weeks in advance and spending what should be an illegal amount of money on flowers that will be 1/10 the price in two days. I mean, in case you haven't noticed, the economy is in a sad place right now which is negatively affecting my bank account and I would like for that to stop ASAP. Thankyouverymuch.

But you know what?

I wouldn't change it. I love spending time at home with my man. I love my girls and I love how they love their daddy. When I watch him get all smitten with them, I absolutely fall apart. Amanda, you are in for a FUN ride with your new little girl. There's just something about daddies and their little girls.

So, tonight, we are making a steak dinner at home. We are eating it on a candlelit table and drinking sparkling grape juice from plastic champagne flutes. All of us. I pray every day for my daughters' future husbands. I also want to show them what to look for when the time comes for them to start dating (in about 45 years...right, honey?). What better blueprint for them to follow than their own Daddy? And since his heart seeks The Father daily, they are in really good hands.

And he's my Valentine. And I love him to stinkin death.


Mocha with Linda said...

Amen! Love this. There's nothing like a daddy that adores his kids. I'm planning a fun family meal tonight too. I'm way past the days of fighting the crowds for a table!

~Ang said...

Thats so sweet!! Hope it is great! Remember this is a season! We are in it as well. But I love those quiet times we get after the kids are in bed.
Much love,

connorcolesmom said...

Great post!
We did the same thing!
I think it is so much fun to just spend that time together
The pic of you and your hubby is adorable - you 2 are clearly still in love - precious!
Love you

Rachel said...

you guys are CUTE! Hope you enjoyed your evening!

Rune said...

Adorable blog:) Just found it.
Your family is beautiful.

I have three girls to:)


Melinda said...

Y'all are too stinkin' cute! And we stayed home, too. My man MADE me a Valentine card that he COLORED with CRAYONS! still my heart! :o)

Going out for Valentine's is totally overrated - I would much rather go out on a random Tuesday for no reason at all.

Big ol' hugs this day,

Fran said...

I think Vday is completely overrated and puts way too much pressure on our poor hubs who are so afraid of not doing the right thing. ;)

We had fun in Memphis celebrating a belated birthday and Vday. It was overdue for us to just "be" together without kids.

I absolutely LOVE this picture and plan on copying it for my FB profile picture. Can I? :)

I think you are the coolest mom evah! Coolest wife evah! Coolest friend who lives away evah!

Happy weekend!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...


Not sure if we met at the Siesta meeting in San Antonio this past summer, but your blog has always been one of my favorites. I have debated over and over again about jumping into the blog world and finally decided to go for it.
I journal anyway, so why not do it among a group of great gals. Not to mention, the typing will be much more legible than my handwriting.

Then I found out Holly and Patty were opening a business and thought I might could be a starter for them. My first email to Holly, told her how much I loved your blog. Everything about I look forward to being a blog sister! And when you get tired of your header, I want it! And I better tell you, with no exaggeration, I have probably looked at 1,000 plus blogs.


Anonymous said...

Your blog cracks me up everytime I read it. I am with you on the valentine thing.

We have 3 girls, 2 of which are dating age. So dear old parents stay home and wait for their romantic night stories. LOL. We did eat out but at a local low key place so we could be home by 8:30.

It is refreshing to read your blog and hear your love for your husband and your girls. It is definately a challenge raising 3 girls but such a BLAST!! And when you reach their teen years and still manage to like their dad that is a feat in itself. Just kiddin...sort of teen years are....different.

Have a good day. Look forward to many more chuckles from you.

Jules from "The Roost" said...

That was so sweet Robyn and so fun....REAL fun!

Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...

I couldn't agree with you more! We stayed right here, too.

In fact, I just bought my kids some boxed candy from Whitmans for half off! :D

Unknown said...

FYI, I live close to Sophie and I have 2 teenagers who can babysit. One of them DRIVES!! She works but is sometimes off on a weekend :-). I'm just saying....