Saturday, January 17, 2009

Update, et al.....

Yo, peeps. Happy Saturday night. We just had a fantastic steak dinner cooked by Spencer on the Big Green Egg. We were joined by my in-laws (shout out to Nam & Pop) and our dear friend, Bobby. It was a good night.

Potty training update - Tait has it clinched. She's rocking the house. We have had 1 accident in 3 days. Today she wore Daisy Duck panties and told me that Daisy will be sad if she tee teed on her. Hey, whatever works, right? I am still putting her in pull-ups for nap and bedtime, but today she woke up from her nap dry. A few more days of that and we'll try panties at nap. And the most exciting part? Are you ready? (I will go ahead and apologize to those of you who haven't gone through this - you won't fully appreciate what I'm about to tell you....) Tait pooped in the potty. 3 times. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?! She has been absolutely terrified of pooping in the potty. But yesterday, she conquered the fear and hasn't looked back. I'm so stinking proud of her! She's proud of herself, too.
As for Camille? Nope. Nada. Nothing. The potty is NOT her friend. We're in for a long one where she's concerned, I'm afraid.

We're attempting church tomorrow, which means we're attempting to put Camille in the nursery. This has not been a pretty scene in the past. I'll letcha know how it goes. I'm fully prepared to spend the service in the lobby. Just keepin it real, yo. (Do you like the way I kinda went a little Jenny from the Block on you there? Seriously, who am I?)

Back to the Big Green Egg I mentioned at the beginning of this post. If y'all have never eaten food from a Big Green Egg, you are seriously missing out. It cooks the most fantastic food. Tonight we had steaks. We have also cooked sausage, ribs, fish, burgers, hot dogs, drunk chicken (whole chicken with the beer can in it...yum), pizza (when the flame is low and the Egg is hot, it cooks like a brick oven), ham, Boston Butt, kabobs, veggies, ... the list goes on. It is easy to use (I even use it by myself when Spencer's out of town) and the food is amazing. I gave it to Spencer for our 10th anniversary, which was a year ago, and we haven't even taken the cover off of our old grill since then.

Ok, well Spencer's home and he's back to his Guitar Hero Addiction. I guess I should get off Ye Olde Blog and watch him play.

Peace out, bloggy peeps.

Oh, and super importantly, please pray for Scott and Kelly and their newborn daughter Harper. She was born yesterday and is having some pretty significant breathing issues that might get her put on ECMO. It's even more of a shock to them since they had no idea that anything was wrong and were fully expecting a healthy baby girl. Having been through the whole NICU experience (Tait), I can testify that it ain't easy. I can also testify that our God is bigger than any health problems, worries, and scary moments. We can trust that His unfailing love and attention is all over that baby girl and He is taking care of her. You can keep up with updates on Kelly's blog.

Now, for real. Peace out.


kristen said... old is Tait? I have a 20 month old who is very interested in the potty. But we are going to Disney next month for my six-year-old's bday and I'm thinking I need to wait till she is 2..????

Mocha with Linda said...

I have never heard of a Green Egg before.

Rejoicing - and empathizing - with you on your various potty training issues. This too shall pass! (pun intended!)

Christy said...

Wahoo on the potty training and I totally get the pooping in the potty! That's awesome!!!!

Hey does your church not have a cry room or "quiet room" where mom's can go, still hear and see the sermon, but the rest of the congregation can not hear the child(kidS) crying, yelling, laughing, etc? It's been a life saver so many times, especially when they're young enough that I'm not ready to put them in childcare!

Hope you were able to enjoy church today! Oh and never heard of Big Green Egg, but very interesting! I'm sure the hubby would like one, of course I'm sure it'd cost an arm and a leg for shipping to us in Germany! :X Maybe one day!

Tammy said...

WOO HOO! Poo-poo in the potty *doing potty dance*

Hmmm, I need to look into the green egg. Got hubs a grill for Father's Day....almost 10 years ago. That thing is in need of retirement.

Jules from "The Roost" said...

I will definitely be checking out The Big Green Egg! Sounds like you are making some progress in the potty area! :)

Fran said...

funny how potty training takes up every ounce of time doesn't it?

I'm glad hubs is home.

I'm glad for the big green egg.

I'm glad you are praying for Harper too.

I'm super glad I'll see you this weekend.