Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'm Kinda LOST

Ok, I was able (thanks to the good ole DVR) to watch LOST tonight after the girls went to bed. I'd like to pause for a moment and give the inventors of the DVR a handclap and a fist pump. You have changed my TV watching life.


I'll admit, that there was a lot of "whats" and "huhs" muttered around here. I mean they have now taken what was already a confusing show and have added TIME TRAVEL to it. You know, because we also should have to think about the year and date and the city and the country while we juggle smoke monsters and polar bears and horses in the jungle and disappearing islands in our minds.

I'm not sure I'm that smart. I have noticed a significant headache since I watched LOST tonight. It's either that or the ridiculous head cold I'm sportin' right now.

Anyhoo, here are some of my favorite parts / "huh?" moments.

1. Hurley. I heart him. I love when he was sitting on the boat and they were asking him to lie and he started talking about what they should tell people. Then he said the island disappeared. "Blip." I cracked up.

2. Ben Linus. THE MAN DOESN'T BLINK. That's just weird. Good for Hurley not trusting him. However, he's now in the pokey, so how's he supposed to go back to the invisible island that is stuck in a time warp?

3. Daniel. I didn't particularly like him last season. But I think he might be one of my faves this season. He's got the whole thing figured out. Now if he'd just share his knowledge with, oh, say, me. I'd appreciate it.

4. Sayid killed a dude on a dishwasher. That was flat out skillz right there.

5. I can't figure out the Kate/Aaron/lawyers who want to take her blood scenario. Who are these people and who are sending them?

6. Sun creeped me out tonight. I think she's gonna end up a bad guy working for Whidmore. Mark my words. And I seriously doubt Jin is dead. Or Claire.

7. Shannon made a good point tonight about the creepy white haired woman slash witch slash woman in the dungeon with the computer and the swinging pendulum thingy being Daniel's mom. I don't think it is, because Daniel told Desmond that his mom was at Oxford in England and this lady was in LA? Isn't that where Hurley's parents live? Am I confused?

Probably. For all I know, the LOST creators time warped England to LA and gave Ben special powers to travel between the two places in nanoseconds.

What I DO know is that I'll definitely be tuned in next week. Because it's awesome.

What are your thoughts? What did ya think about tonight's show?


Anonymous said...

i j.j. abrahms created a show where everyone just sat around and peeled potatoes, i would watch it. i think he is freaking brilliant. and i haven't watched this episode yet (LOVE LOVE LOVE my dvr too) but reading your summary didn't even phase me. it is all way too crazy, but i am hooked! i do like it when they do the episodes pop up video style and tell you things you need to know...

edub said...

I love LOST. Sadly, I am out of the loop. But you KNOW what I want to say about a horse in a jungle. (:

Cainan & Ryker said...

Long live least until something better comes along.

My "insights" on LOST are up at

I came over here from RIMD.

I never thought the issue with Ben being in Oxford vs. LA was a problem because

#1 That scene with Ms. Hawking, Daniel's Mom, didn't necessarily occur the same night as Hurley's arrest.

#2 Just because Ms. Hawking works at Oxford doesn't mean she stays there full time. That is where she was the last time Daniel saw her but she could be...oh I don't know....on sabatical in LA by now.

I think #1 is more likely. Or that Ben can time travel on a whim. That wouldn't surprise me that much either.

Great blog design by the way. So colorful. Love the circles.

Trista said...

You know, I have yet to ever watch one episode of Lost.

I do however, love my DVR and can't see how I ever lived without it.

Unknown said...

My LOST post is up and I've got a lot of the same questions as you. LOVED the death by dishwasher thing. Totally awesome.

Tammy said...

DVR: Best.Invention.Ever.

Unless it's up against the ShamWow, of course.

And I am lost about the LOST.

Anonymous said...

The 2 "lawyers" that came to see Kate are actually some of the "Others." They have been in the show before and must want to have Aaron back with them on the island.

ohAmanda said...

Loved your post! Very fun. I totally agree about Sun. Something is up with her...maybe she knows more than we think.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is WOW. It was amazing. But you're right, it was hard to keep up, especially with two episodes in a row.

My thought about the lawyers is that Ben is filing the lawsuit on Jack's behalf, to force Kate into running away, back to the island. Jack is Aaron's uncle after all.

Said jobbing that guy on the dishwasher was incredible.

My favorite "WHAT?!" moment this week was when Anna Lucia walked up to Hurley in the car. I loved that. And so sad that Libby said Hi.

Not sure about the creepy white-haired woman. I am eager to find out.

I also don't believe Jin is dead. And Claire is definitely not dead. She is hanging out with her and Jack's dead father in the creepy cabin in the woods. AND I am convinced that Locke is not dead either...or at least not dead for long.


lavonda said...

I scrolled down to this post and just have to add in a comment here:


have loved the show from day one.
DAY ONE, I tell you.
and I'm struggling here to keep my head above the water (no pun intended). Too many looptyloops in the plot will now have me seeking tylenol before the show starts this week. That, or maybe one of those expired kidney stone pain pills in the cabinet over the refrigerator. With one of those, I might follow the story line a little better.

Love your recap.
Hail to the dvr!

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

I think the bloodwork was maybe just Ben's way (Or Jack's?) of getting her emotionally ready to leave and go back. Scaring her into it. :)

Why can't I think of who Daniel is?? Or his mom? I think like the island, my brain has disappeared.