Monday, January 5, 2009

Dear Chick-fil-A

Dear Chick-fil-A,

First, let me start off by saying that I think that you are a fine, upstanding establishment. As a matter of fact, as far as fast-food restaurants go, you consistently rank #1 in my book. I fully support your "closed on Sundays" policy and absolutely adore the cows used in your marketing campaign. I find it not only fascinating, but prize worthy that you invented the chicken sandwich. I mean, I consider it pure genius that someone in the Chick-fil-A history books thought to put chicken on bread. Changed my life. I love that my oldest daughter has called you "Chicken Lay" her entire life, and now that she's old enough to know better, she still chooses to call you that. And Mr. Cathy? I could squeeze his cheeks.

Let's just say that I'm a fan.

However, I feel that your downfall is your drive thru. Today, I experienced your drive thru along with my 3 children. As I sat forever in the drive thru line, I couldn't help but wonder why all of your parking lots are so small and your drive thru lines so crowded. However, I understand that other people are Chick-fil-A fans as well, so I let it slide. I was greeted at the speaker with a pleasant and polite tone. Then I drove to the window. I paid with my debit card. Then came the chaos. Apparently, in order to keep the drive thru line moving, the employees in the window have taken up a "throw everything at you at once" approach to handing me my food. I was given 4 bags, my debit card, and my receipt all at once. Then I was given 3 drinks at once - two were stacked on top of each other. I pulled off with bags spilled in my car, my debit card on the floor, and my blood pressure in the ceiling.

I do understand that I know nothing about the restaurant business, but I feel that I could possibly give you some pointers, if you'll spare me a few moments of your time.
First, in the future, please choose lots to build your restaurants on that are considerably larger than the ones you have now. Your parking lots prove to be a driver's ed course on a consistent basis.
Second, when people pay for their food at the drive thru window, please allow them a few seconds to put their change or debit card back in their wallet before handing them their food. I personally prefer not to have to climb around the floor of my car to find my missing debit card every time I leave your drive thru line.
Third, please realize that most people are seatbelted in their car and cannot reach out the window like your employees can. It's horribly difficult to reach with 2 arms and grasp everything that is being handed to you.
Fourth, please hand out the order one or two items at a time. I'm a mom and can multitask like a mom should, but not even I can juggle 4 bags, 3 drinks, a debit card, and a receipt at the same time.

As always, I am a Chick-fil-A fan and will continue to support your restaurant. It would be a much more enjoyable experience with normal blood pressure.

Thank you, and have a wonderful day.

I received a comment from a marketing director for Chick-fil-A. Totally blew my mind, too. I guess Ye Little Olde Blog gets more traffic than I thought!
Anyhoo, he was super incredibly nice and said he was contacting the Operator of that restaurant personally. He also got my address to send me some free stuff. Holler. (that was for you, Ginger.) Chick-fil-A is an amazing company and their customer service is top notch. Hats off to them.
And for my non Chick-fil-A blessed friends, aka, Adam, Kathie, and Annie, I requested a Chick-fil-A in your area. I'm pretty sure I have NO pull in that department, but I tried. I don't fully understand an area of the USofA without a Chick-fil-A - it seems communist to me.


RR Mama said...

I could not agree with you more! Our Chik-fil-a is the EXACT same way.

Jackie Sue said...

you are too DID send them this letter didn't you????

Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...

Oh my word! You need to come to on down to the one in Alabaster! It will redeem your thoughts. They are fast, efficient, and waaaaaaay polite.

No kidding, you might consider sending this to the "powers that be" for that Chick-Fil-A. I'd bet they would whoop em into shape?

Anonymous said...


I work in the marketing department at Chick-fil-A corporate and I came across your post through a debit card site ( I hope you don't mind my leaving a comment on your site but I'm so sorry for your experience. I have kids too and I know exactly what you're talking about, and I hate to hear that it happened at Chick-fil-A. I would love to see this type of service fixed quickly. Would you mind telling me which Chick-fil-A it was? I would like to contact the Operator personally with your story.

Thanks for being a fan and for your patience while we address the issue. Feel free to give me a call on my direct line at 404-765-2603 if that would be more convenient.

Michael McCathren

Mocha with Linda said...

The response above by the guy in Marketing absolutely doesn't surprise me. It is an awesome company and they will do whatever they can to fix it.

AnnieBlogs said...

A 404 area code? No surprise. Atlanta boys are the finest.

When you call him, see if he'll put a Chick-fil-A in Nashville. It's breaking my heart a little bit every day.

Anonymous said...

OK, a few observations: 1)you GO Robyn for politely, but assertively offering constructive criticism that will probably make that restaurant run a bit more smoothly 2)I share your deep-seeded devotion to the Chick, which won't allow you to simply walk away. It would be like leaving one of your children on the curb when they act up. 3)I am shocked and appalled to learn of a Chik-fil-A vacuum in Nashville! Is Nashville communist?!?

World Traveler said...

No Chick-Fil-A in Chicago either :(

Anonymous said...

Good to talk to you! Thanks for calling. Here's the link. We always welcome your thoughts and suggestions.

Thanks again.


connorcolesmom said...

LOL Man you got a response from the Chic-fil-a guy
That is awesome
My boys love them as well and we eat there a ton - their lemonade is the BEST!
Love ya girl

Fran said...


SUPER NICE CHICK FIL A guy!! Seriously? We should go to their seminars and stuff. Smart people.

And, Nashville has no chickfila?? What?? Can't be right. Chicago doesn't either??? This is just terrible!!!

Go Robyn Go!!

Anonymous said...

Twice, I've experienced problems at Chick-fil-A. Both times, I reported it on their website. Promptly, I was rewarded with coupons for free food.

Tammy said...

Love me some Chick-fil-A !!! And I totally love that you got a response on your own personal blog.

I had a problem with one here in T'town, sent an e-mail and *poof* had free coupons within the week. I was NOT expecting that. Now I love them even more.

However, is it just me or does anyone else seem to CRAVE those waffle fries on Sunday?! ;-)

HisGeorgiaPeach said...

Wow, I'm amazed by the comment by the Chick-fil-A guy on your blog. How cool are they?! I absolutely love Chick-fil-A and their service here. So polite and quick in the drive thru. Hope you get free coupons and an easier time next time you go by!

God Bless,


jennyhope said...

LOL and...

michael I heart Chic Fil A where it is everyones pleasure to serve me. I may give you a call to see why we can't get biscuits all day...LOL.
no but I go SIX days a week and this girl today gave me a water with no totally cracked me up.

Jules from "The Roost" said...

I could not live with out Chick Fil-A.....honestly!! :) I am so proud of how they handled this!

~Ang said...

Wow! That is crazy that you got a comment from them!! I have seen that to be the truth too. Parking lot small. Hopefully they will change that because it is super popular where I live.

Looking forward to meeting you in ATL!
Much love,

Musings of a Homeschooling Mom said...

I LOVE Chick-fil-a also! I love how they respond to complaints. The last time I complained about incorrect orders we got 4 free combo coupons. You can't beat that! Our's isn't that bad about shoving everything at you, though. They usually just hand you the drinks along with the debit card. I want to yell "Give me just a minute!". They are polite, though!

The Latham Family said...

Holy Moly! My own Holler shout out??? You made my WEEK!
Love and miss you,

Andrea said...

I have been meaning to do a post on my blog about this EXACT problem for a while. Tonight I sat down to write it and thought I would google "chick-fil-a drive thru too fast" just to see if maybe I was the only one. You summed up everything I wanted to say! My heart-rate begins accelerating the closer I inch toward to window because I know I have to be on my "A-Game" in preparation for the "my-pleasure-food-toss"! It has become a joke with my boys in the car...."on your mark, get set, here we go.....all hands on deck, etc.".........

Loved the post! Would you feel comfortable if I linked you on my blog? If not, no biggie, just thought you summed it up perfectly!
Snow White