Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wanna Get Me All Riled Up?

My dear, wonderful, amazing husband has learned it the hard way.

Don't ask me what I've been doing all day.

Just don't even go there.

Because one day I'm really going to keep a list of what I do all day and I promise it'll be about 6 pages long.

As moms, we do stuff that we can't even keep track of. We multi task like a ninja. We can do things that we don't think about and have no recollection of doing after we've done it. (That was a weird sentence.)

So far, this morning I've...
looked (unsuccessfully) for my glasses that fell off the bedside table during the night
peed (twice)
picked out school clothes
packed a lunch
packed a snack
signed a take-home folder
written a check for the school lunch account and put it in said folder
fixed breakfast for Mary Emma
fixed breakfast for Spencer
tied shoes
put paperwork for Tait's school on the front seat of my car so I'll remember to take it with me today to her school
brushed hair
taken pictures of a cool spiderweb outside
sat on front porch and waited with Mary Emma for her ride to school
kissed and hugged Mary Emma as she left for school
kissed and hugged Spencer as he left for work
read a few of my favorite blogs
commented on a couple of them
downloaded and ordered pictures from Sam's to pick up this afternoon
reviewed and updated my calendar for the week
responded to 2 emails

And all this was done by 8:05 am.

And Tait and Camille are just now waking up, so all of this was done with only one child awake.

I think that list might be more like 15 pages long. I'll be at 6 by 10 am.

So don't even go there.


Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

My husband knows better. He didn't even have to learn it the hard way. He just knows....

Queen B said...

I will not go there.

Tammy Warren said...

This is great. It is amazing what "we women can do".

I saw you on Mom Bloggers. Just wanted to welcome you to the group.

I love the blog.

Kate said...

Wow, that sure sounds like a busy morning. It is amazing all the things we moms get accomplished without it really seeming like we're really doing anything (at least to those outside observers who'd dare ask what we've done)!

15 pages sounds about right to me!