Sunday, June 8, 2008

You Gotta Try This

I LOVE lemon in my water. However, after reading a new health department study about how filthy, disgusting, ecoli infested lemons in restaurants are, I have quit cold turkey.

I mean, gross. The people who cut up the lemons usually don't wash their hands or wear gloves while cutting them. The lemons are rarely, if ever, washed and are covered with who knows what which goes directly into your water, tea, etc.


I have been sad over the lack of lemons in my water. I tried the lemonade mix-ins but hated them. I don't like sweet, lemon flavored, sugary water.

Then I found this.


They are little packets that you mix into your drink. They are made of crystallized lemon. It tastes like real lemon. My lemon flavored water is back. Minus the ecoli and other types of bacteria. Yay for that.

Visit their website and you can ask for a free sample. I'd go there speedy quick because your life really isn't complete without them. Unless you don't flavor anything with lemons. Then you're fine without them.

You're welcome.


Anonymous said...

Thanks...going to try it out. Hope I like it cause I love lemon in my tea and I have a serious tea problem.

I am so addicted to the tea that a local drive-through has that if I miss a day without going by, the kids working there will ask me ..where were you yesterday? lol....I need a part time job just to pay for my tea habit!

Dee from Tennessee

Adam (the brother) said...

That's silly. You shouldn't worry about the lemon in your water. As an experienced restaurant worker, there are far more things you should worry about than lemons.

The glass you are drinking out of just came out of a dirty dishwasher and then handled by several people without gloves before it gets to you. Don't even get me started on silverware or dishes.

My experience with lemons are that people who cut them DO actually wear gloves more often than not, because your hands get all sticky and if you have even the slightest cut or nick, it burns like hades.

They aren't usually washed though, but neither are most cold veggies that you eat raw in a restaurant., ie. lettuce, tomatoes, etc.

That's the amazing thing about the human body though. We can take it.

Amy Beth @ Ministry So Fabulous! said...

YUM! Thanks for the tip. :)

I'm one of your Siestas, getting to meet you in San Antonio in a couple of months. Just wanted to drop by to say hello!

Tracye said...

In response to your comment... while writing today's post, I was actually trying to remember where I had read about this exact situation.

But I had forgotten the swinging from the chandelier part!

Thanks, it was good to read it (and laugh) about it again!

I think we're in for a long road ahead. Praying hedges of protection around these little monkeys!

Aimee said...

I could not get enough cold, lemon-laced water when I was pregnant with Abbie last summer.

I got a bag of lemons at the grocery store, that way, I had plenty and I controled the cleanliness factor. Of course, you can't control that when you're eating out, but I'm with the other poster about there being so many other things to be concerned about.