Thursday, April 24, 2008

To Answer Your Question.....

I TOLD you I like tagging/question/all about me bloggy thingys. Here's another one.

And yes, I copied from Queen B who copied from Lisa who probably copied from someone else. Nothing is original anymore.

Where is your cell phone? sitting right beside me. It's my 5th appendage, sadly enough

Your significant other? In Mobile. Far, far away. Working. Making a living so I can stay home with my girls. Today, however, I'm considering re-entering the work force. The precious little ones are a little moody.

Your hair? In desperate need of Evan to work her magic.

Your mother? Obsessed (in a good way) with my children.

Your father? Makes me laugh all the time. Has the BEST stories.

Your favorite thing? Hearing my kids laugh, watching Mary Emma play softball, watching Spencer coach softball, watching Tait do the "Tait shuffle", too many others to count.

Your dream last night? Something with Carol Burnett, fishing, and riding horses. I know, random.

Your favorite drink? Regular, plain, old fashioned Coke. But I try not to drink it.

Your dream/goal? Dream - play guitar on stage and sing backup with someone famous. Preferably Reba. Goal - well, same as the dream. :)

The room you a€™re in? Den

Your ex? Don't have one. Seriously. Married my first serious boyfriend and have been married for 10 years now.

Your fear? Drowning, something happening to Spencer or the kids

Where do you want to be in 6 years? 6 years older than I am now. With kids who don't need diapers. Thank the dear Lord above.

Where were you last night? Home. What's new?

What you a€™re not? Mean or judgmental.

Muffins? Only fresh, hot ones. Chocolate is a bonus.

One of your wish list items? To spend the night in the Cinderella Suite in the castle at Disney World.

Where you grew up? Sweet Home Alabama

The last thing you did? Made lunch for the Precious Little Ones.

What are you wearing? Skirt & t-shirt

Your TV? Reba - the TV show.

Your pets? None. Sad.

Your computer? Black MacBook. I've been told about the superiority of the Mac forever. I get it now. It is better. No offense to the PC.

Your life? Happy, regular, fulfilled.

Your mood? I'm a pretty happy person. I like making people laugh.

Missing someone? Yep, Adam (brother).

Your car? 2008 Chrysler Town and Country. It's awesome.

Something you a€™re not wearing? Shoes. Or makeup. I put that on in the car.

Favorite store? Williams Sonoma / Pottery Barn / Nordstrom

Your summer? Jam slam packed. And hot. I'm in Alabama.

Like someone? Like a lot of people. Especially Michelle. And Christy. And Erin. Good friends.

Your favorite color? Sky blue.

When is the last time you laughed? Just a minute ago - Reba cracks me up.

Last time you cried? I don't cry much. Probably last week sometime. Can't remember.

Who will repost this? Who knows - my blog is small. Maybe Edub will repost......


Unknown said...

I'm stealin' this!

And I promise I'll do the random things soon!

edub said...

Robyn-I haven't even finished reading the whole post, but I have to say that you are I are meant to be friends forever. I totally was thinking about Carol Burnett all day today! I even watched You Tube videos from her show. You dreamed about her, I thought about her...a God winking moment?-I think so.

Lisa said...

Another coke girl, I'm glad to know!
And we have the same dream but I'd rather sing with Tim and Faith, or both. Okay really just Tim.