Friday, April 11, 2008

New Friends

I love meeting new people. I love talking to them and finding out all that we have in common. For example, I've been reading Lisa's blog for a while then realized we both live in Alabama. Not too far from each other. I've also been reading BooMama's blog (and laughing hysterically at it) and realized we're practically neighbors.

Here's another It's a Small World story.

I took Mary Emma to a dentist appointment today. It's a pediatric dentist, so the waiting room is usually full of moms waiting for their kids. When I walked in today, there were 3 other moms in the room and they were all laughing at the stories one of them was telling. I sat and listened for a minute before I HAD to join in.

I can't sit quietly in a room full of women for long.

If you knew me, you'd agree. I LOVE hearing stories. And I LOVE telling them, too.

Anyway, I started talking to the funny, story-telling mom and formed an instant friendship. Her name is Dawn, and I swear I've known her all my life even though we just met. She has one daughter, is a nurse, and loves Jesus. We talked about Beth Moore (who we both love) and her Bible Studies. We talked about out faith and our walk with Christ. We talked about things in our lives that have been totally God inspired - like her switching jobs
14 days before the entire company went belly up or us meeting a doctor for Tait who just happens to be one of only 4 in the world with this specific specialty. We talked about our kids and how they are like/unlike ourselves. It was awesome and I'm glad that God put us in the same place today.

Her daughter was through before mine was, so as she left, we exchanged phone numbers and email addresses. She is definitely someone I'll keep up with.

Good to meetcha, Dawn.